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 15th February 2019


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Ask the Astrologers

Astrologers: Chrisalis & Melodie

Ask the Astrologers is a team effort by international psychic, Chrisalis, and professional astrologer, Melodie.

Together the pair provide in depth monthly horoscopes  that are alternated by Melodie & Chrisalis and provide an overview of the important monthly astrological events and relative interpretations for each sign.


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People read their horoscopes for many different reasons, whether for self discovery, entertainment, or scientific interest, each person has his own justification for reading that daily, weekly, or monthly prediction.  Most people will tell you that their personalities fit perfectly with their zodiac sign.  Virgos will say they are perfectionist and obsessed with organization; Sagittarians will tell it like it is; and Taurans will be bull-headed and stubborn.  Even when a horoscope is wrong for you, it's right – for someone.


We have found the best horoscopes written by astrologers and provided free online. It goes without saying that this is not an exhaustive list of free horoscopes, these are our favorites, hidden gems and 'my gosh what were they thinking' sites, all with one thing in common, they are free and written by astrologers.


These horoscope sites are reviewed by us, and therefore our opinions based on site usability, astrologer credibility and free horoscopes. Obviously, not all will share our thoughts, and provide the opportunity for your own feedback on each site.


Have you have had a positive experience with one or more of our listed sites?  Please add your own experience below the review and provide your guest rating.


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Why Read Horoscopes?

Horoscopes date back to the time of the ancient Greeks, and have remained a popular practice in many cultures for hundreds of years. These days, one can hardly read a newspaper or magazine without stumbling across their daily or monthly horoscope. But what exactly is it about these day-to-day predictions that fascinate us?

For some, reading their morning horoscope provides a sense of security. Fear of the unknown has always run deep in humanity, and phobias such as lygophobia, the fear of darkness, and necrophobia, the fear of death, stem from the insecurity of not knowing what to expect. For many people, being given some form of prediction for the day, week, or year to come can be an addictively comforting sensation.

For others, it is simply the nature of how horoscopes are created that’s intriguing. The practice of astrology has survived for centuries, and is still a common fascination for people of all ages and backgrounds. Horoscopes in particular are based on the Zodiac, which uses a person’s date of birth to make general predictions about their nature and personality. The Zodiac is a particularly relatable branch of astrology because of its unique blend of easy access and personal application. It requires no third party, psychic reading, or complex ritual. It’s as simple as opening the morning paper, yet because it has a category that applies specifically to anyone who reads it, it feels somewhat personal and therefore easy to trust.

Yet another attraction horoscopes hold is the potential positive effect on morale and mindset. Horoscopes often point out areas of interest such as money, love, friendship and family to focus on throughout the day. If a horoscope reader felt moved to pay attention to what their horoscope had advised, this is likely to lead to a positive outcome with or without credit to mystic forces. For instance, if an accountant were advised to be particularly aware of monetary matters, he may find himself more intent on work that day.

Whatever the reason, many people find themselves compelled to check their horoscope on a regular basis. These everyday fortune-telling devices have not failed to hold our interest since their conception centuries ago, and promise to continue to entertain and comfort us for years to come.

If you are one of the many million people who check their daily horoscope you will find your one stop online destination for all the best horoscopes written by credible astrologers, complete with reviews and testimonials.


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