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 31st July 2014

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People read their horoscopes for many different reasons, whether for self discovery, entertainment, or scientific interest, each person has his own justification for reading that daily, weekly, or monthly prediction.  Most people will tell you that their personalities fit perfectly with their zodiac sign.  Virgos will say they are perfectionist and obsessed with organization; Sagittarians will tell it like it is; and Taurans will be bull-headed and stubborn.  Even when a horoscope is wrong for you, it's right – for someone.


We have found the best horoscopes written by astrologers and provided free online. It goes without saying that this is not an exhaustive list of free horoscopes, these are our favorites, hidden gems and 'my gosh what were they thinking' sites, all with one thing in common, they are free and written by astrologers.


These horoscope sites are reviewed by us, and therefore our opinions based on site usability, astrologer credibility and free horoscopes. Obviously, not all will share our thoughts, and provide the opportunity for your own feedback on each site.


Have you have had a positive experience with one or more of our listed sites?  Please add your own experience below the review and provide your guest rating.


If you know a site which meets the listing criteria and should be reviewed please contact us.


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