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 21st January 2019

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Laura (The Gemini) & Marie (the Virgo).

We are 2 normal horoscope enthusiasts who have normal 'day jobs'. We are based in Australia and are not writers or horoscope experts in any way - we just share an interest in insightful, informative horoscopes and astrology.

Our mission is to provide a vehicle to share ours and others' experience with free horoscope sites. All our personal reviews are just that, our opinions and experiences. Obviously not all visitors will share our views, however we provide honest feedback from a user perspective to the astrologers and sites and encourage you to do the same.

If you are a visitor to Top100 and don't share our review thoughts, please add your own comments. If you are an astrologer listed on Top 100 it provides an opportunity for you to read and send your own feedback.

Our reviews cover all aspects of the site, not just the perceived 'quality' of the horoscopes. Like any web surfer, site usability is just as important as the content. 

Our focus is on free horoscope and astrology websites, however we have included our previous self discovery sections from our old site and encourage you to suggest more for review.

When developing the review system we re assessed the criteria for being listed. We had many listings that were syndicated and repeated around the web, we have removed those and concentrated on free horoscopes provided by real astrologers on their own site. We are not prepared to list horoscopes that have no attributed astrologer. (Please keep this in mind when suggesting sites to review).


If you have any queries or suggestions, or simply comments please use our contact form. This form comes directly to me as the chief editor of and I will respond as soon as possible.


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