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We have found the most accurate daily horoscopes written by astrologers and provided free online. There is a huge range available and the sites reviewed below are the best ones we have found. It goes without saying that this is not an exhaustive list of daily horoscopes... and these are reviewed by us, and therefore our opinions.

We encourage you to add your own experience for each site in the comments box below the review, and/or give your star rating - the more opinions we have the better overview we can provide for those wanting the best horoscope sites.

Kosmik Horoscopes

Rating: 2.13/5 (16 Votes)
Kosmik Horoscopes 2.13 of 5 16 Votes.
Kosmik Horoscopes

Astrologer: David Ryan

David provides both daily and monthly horoscopes. Both are very brief and it appears that the daily predictions are the same for an entire week and are duplicates of the weekly horoscopes. Not sure if that’s just me!

The site is quite jumbled and is a very long page, you seem to scroll forever.

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Astro Sage

Rating: 2.37/5 (19 Votes)
Astro Sage 2.37 of 5 19 Votes.
Astro Sage


The Indian, AstroSage site offers an enormous amount of horoscopes, so much so I am not sure where to start. Pundit Pandey is the astrologer behind the site, however it appears there are several astrologers writing different scopes.

Although all the horoscopes are brief they are easily read - only really suitable for those wanting a quick horoscope fix.

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Star IQ

Rating: 3.37/5 (35 Votes)
Star IQ 3.37 of 5 35 Votes.
Rick Levine

AstrologerS: Rick Levine, Jeff Jawer

Experienced astrologers, Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer have teamed up to provide a site with a wealth of astrological knowledge. With additional astrologers, the article library is extensive as it spans well over a decade.

Rick Levine writes the daily horoscopes, however they also appear on Tarot .com, Freehoroscopes .com and several other sites.

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Frank Pilkington

Rating: 3.00/5 (21 Votes)
Frank Pilkington 3.00 of 5 21 Votes.
Frank Pilkington

Astrologer: Frank Pilkington

Psychic astrologer, Frank Pilkington is Scotland's mass media astrologer. His horoscopes and readings have appeared in print, radio and television.

His online daily and weekly scopes are consise, a 2 or 3 sentance summary. The monthly and yearly features provide a more comprehensive analysis. 

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Jonathan Cainer

Rating: 3.49/5 (41 Votes)
Jonathan Cainer 3.49 of 5 41 Votes.
Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes

Astrologer: Jonathan Cainer

Jonathon is a highly acclaimed astrologer with numerous published books including Jonathon Cainer’s Guide to the Zodiac, Complete Book of the Zodiac and many more.

He has been an astrology columnist at various British newspapers and publication and currently writes the Daily Mail astrology column.

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Rating: 3.42/5 (24 Votes)
Star4Cast 3.42 of 5 24 Votes.

Astrologer: Majorie Orr

UK/international astrologer, Majorie Orr has been listed on Top 100 since 2003.  

There are daily horoscopes which broaden into  weeklies and monthly horoscopes are provided 2 months in advance. If you continue down the page you will find your year ahead.

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Yasmin Boland

Rating: 3.17/5 (30 Votes)
Yasmin Boland 3.17 of 5 30 Votes.
Yasmin Boland

Astrologer: Yasmin Boland

Written by experienced Australian/international astrologer Yasmin Boland, who writes for various AUS, NZ, US and UK publications.

One of the few sites that provide daily horoscopes for each global time zone. Instead of working out whether these readings are for today, yesterday or tomorrow, they are sorted for you.

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