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 15th February 2019

John Hayes

Rating: 3.31/5 (32 Votes)
John Hayes 3.31 of 5 32 Votes.
John Hayes

Astrologer: JOHN HAYES

Formerly a UK astrologer, (now based in Tokyo) John Hayes delivers brief daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes in a simple, easy to understand format with general guidance.

Catering for different timezones with yesterday, today, tomorrow options the daily scopes suitable for a quick glance, but not if you are adter something more substantial.

The weekly horoscopes are updated on a Friday and provide a bit more of an insight but still very general, ideal for the enthusiast that doesn't have much time or need to know the reasoning.... as are the monthlies.

Plenty of advertising on this site, and the feeling I get is that his priority is his offline readings. The astrology reports linked through his site is to an affiliate, not his own charts.

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