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 15th February 2019

Kosmik Horoscopes

Rating: 2.41/5 (22 Votes)
Kosmik Horoscopes 2.41 of 5 22 Votes.
Kosmik Horoscopes

Astrologer: David Ryan

David provides both daily and monthly horoscopes. Both are very brief and it appears that the daily predictions are the same for an entire week and are duplicates of the weekly horoscopes. Not sure if that’s just me!

The site is quite jumbled and is a very long page, you seem to scroll forever.

The navigation is also quite tricky as you have to go to the Site Map in for to find the link to the daily and weekly horoscopes.

It’s another site with a black starry background with white and fluorescent coloured writing... very hard on the eyeballs.

Look, not the best horoscope site that I’ve ever seen.

Best: There are actually just have to find them.

Editor Rating: 1 Star

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