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 15th February 2019


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Majorie Orr

Astrologer: Majorie Orr

UK/international astrologer, Majorie Orr has been listed on Top 100 since 2003.  

There are daily horoscopes which broaden into  weeklies and monthly horoscopes are provided 2 months in advance. If you continue down the page you will find your year ahead.

Written in a media style, these horoscopes are great for the enthusiast that needs information fast without the explanatory interpretations.

It is a site that has grown in size over the years. With the addition of sun sign profiles and compatibility, and political & current affairs astrology (Majorie's special interest) the content is extensive.

I was keen to see the weekly video stars as mentioned on the homepage, unfortunately I was disappointed, followed the links but couldn't find them anywhere.

The cyberworld moves fast, after a decade online this site requires several layout tweaks to get it up to speed with the competition.

Best: Current affairs astrology readings.

Editor Rating: 2.5 Stars

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