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 16th February 2019

Yasmin Boland

Rating: 3.26/5 (42 Votes)
Yasmin Boland 3.26 of 5 42 Votes.

Astrologer: Yasmin Boland

Written by experienced Australian/international astrologer Yasmin Boland, who writes for various AUS, NZ, US and UK publications.

One of the few sites that provide daily horoscopes for each global time zone. Instead of working out whether these readings are for today, yesterday or tomorrow, they are sorted for you.

Each zone is treated a little differently, with Australian & NZ horoscopes including a weekly, day-by-day approach and the US version also including an overview of the year.

All southern hemisphere horoscopes are syndicated through Yahoo and other online lifestyle magazines, however the 'rest of the world' are not left out with a quick daily overview on her site. 

Due to the popularity of these horoscopes, the site is very commercial and essentially a framed or linked portal for all her syndications.

Best: Time zone specific.

Editor Rating: 3 Stars

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