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 15th February 2019

Ask the Astrologers

Rating: 3.98/5 (55 Votes)
Ask the Astrologers 3.98 of 5 55 Votes.
Ask the Astrologers

Astrologers: Chrisalis & Melodie

Ask the Astrologers is a team effort by international psychic, Chrisalis, and professional astrologer, Melodie.

Together the pair provide in depth monthly horoscopes  that are alternated by Melodie & Chrisalis and provide an overview of the important monthly astrological events and relative interpretations for each sign.

The great aspect of these horoscopes are that the astrological reasoning is explained, rather than just being stated.

Daily and monthly tarot scopes (a combination of tarot and astrology) are also offered, if you like a tarot bend on your astrology readings this may be the place to start your day!

Much more is offered by these astrologers; an advice column where they deal with life's major issues, articles, tarot card affiliate shop and their personal readings.

A visually appealing, clean blog style website - easy to navigate with plenty of tasteful, spiritual imagery. Easy to spend time here, especially if you like your horoscopes with a tarot twist.

This site has been consistently in our Top 100 reader ratings.

Best: Easy to read, easy on the eyes & interesting insights.

Editor Rating: 4 Stars

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