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 15th February 2019

Astro Realm

Rating: 2.25/5 (8 Votes)
Astro Realm 2.25 of 5 8 Votes.
Astro Realm

Astrologer: Julia & Martin DeAnnuntis

Julia and Martin started out selling zodiac signs and then beginning to incorporate their designs on to things like mouse pads, keychains and bookmarks.

With the arrival of the internet Julia and Martin saw the opportunity to extend their company by including birth charts, compatibility reports and psychic readings.

Julia and Martin provide free monthly horoscopes that are great for anyone needing their hit of horoscopes. The scopes are very detailed by being split into categories including an overview, Love affairs, Psychic times, Days of Romance and Understanding and Learning. The horoscopes are easy to read and understand with their prediction and also understandable astrological reasoning for the prediction.

The Astrorealm website doesn’t just offer free monthly horoscopes but also information about the different Elements and also paid services such as Birth Charts.

The website is a little bit hard on the eyes with a black starry background with fluorescent coloured text, but once your eyes adjust to the very full-on colour of the site it makes for very interesting reading.

The layout and format of the site is now outdated.

Best: Detail and different categories with each horoscope.

Editor Rating: 2 Stars

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