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 21st January 2019

Astrology King

Rating: 4.37/5 (143 Votes)
Astrology King 4.37 of 5 143 Votes.
Astrology King

Astrologer: Jamie Partridge

Wow, these scopes are interesting! Jamie Partridge provides monthly and yearly horoscopes at Astrology King.

Each monthly scope is divided into decans (divisions of 10 degrees, each zodiac sign can be divided into 3 decans) in order to give you a more personal and accurate monthly forcast.

For the average horoscope junkie you will have to go looking to see where you fall.

This is easy enough as Jamie shows the date range for each sign. If you want to get even more specific there is a chart calculator which will determine the exact degree of your sun sign.

The year ahead forecasts are read in the same way, find your decan and run with it. Jamie's scopes are written with all types of readers in mind, if you are have some knowledge about transits, moon phases and alike you will certainly get alot out of his readings. 

Not for the person looking for a 2 minute horoscope fix - you need more time ingest your detailed reading.

Another popular blog style site, clean layout and extremely easy to navigate. 

Best: Horoscopes divided into decans - more accuracy in forecasts.

Editor Rating: 4 stars

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