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 15th February 2019

Astrology Zone

Rating: 4.08/5 (49 Votes)
Astrology Zone 4.08 of 5 49 Votes.
Susan Miller

Astrologer: Susan Miller

Internationally known author and astrologer Susan Mller provides extensive free monthly horoscopes - one of the most far-reaching free monthlies I have seen. An expansive analysis provides much to think about. 

If you haven't the time to read the full breakdown a summary is provided with specific days of the month to note.

The site has been online since 1995, one of the longest surviving astrology sites and is now showing its age somewhat. Plenty of links to Susan's publications, and some external advertising, however, well worth the visit for the quality of the monthly horoscopes.

Interesting reading: The dissection of Little Prince George's astrological chart.

Best: The personal days in the month to note.

Editor Rating: 4 Stars

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