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 14th December 2018

Crystal B Astrology

Rating: 4.05/5 (82 Votes)
Crystal B Astrology 4.05 of 5 82 Votes.
Crystal B Astrology

Astrologer: Crystal Bichalski

Crystal B was born into astrology, and thus has a wonderful positive and open approach to her astrological insights! This vibe is emitted throughout her site in both the look of the site and enthusiasm in her writing.

Her site offers a monthly astrology update, analysing the planetary movements for key days in the month and key insights into each sun sign.

Her monthly updates are not for the straight-forward sun sign junkie, more, as she describes "What's on the Planetary Menu". However, don't be intimidated there are many cross referenced links for a deeper understanding.

As with any 'blog' site there is alot of information but it can be a little hard to find as each post is tucked away in categories which can be easily overlooked on first impression. Use the "Categories" dropdown on the righthand sidebar to efficiently find what you are looking for.

The design and presentation of the blog with many cartoon-like, vector graphics and the pastel palette would appeal to her female audience. It radiates fun and I imagine Crystal's personality :) She even does Astrology Parties if you are in Northern New Jersey. Sounds like much fun to be had! Please let us know if you have been to to Crystal B Astrology Party.

There is no flashing advertising and only a few subtle calls to purchase her readings. The blog gives off such a happy, vibrant feel it just makes spending time here very easy.

Best: Her playful approach.

Editor Rating: 3.75 Stars

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