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 15th February 2019

Sally Kirkman

Rating: 4.24/5 (146 Votes)
Sally Kirkman 4.24 of 5 146 Votes.
Sally Kirkman Monthly Astrological Insights

Astrologer: Sally Kirkman

Sally Kirkman has been an astrologer for the past twenty years and as an experienced astrologer her media CV is impressive, featuring in many top British newspapers and magazines. In 2011 Sally began publishing monthly horoscopes online.

Her monthly predictions are very detailed throughout and provide insights relating to specific days in the month. The interpretations are an excellent balance of astrological readings and star sign horoscopes making them easy to understand for the average star sign enthusiast.

After reading your monthly stars you can expect to sit and contemplate somewhat more.

The site is presented in simple blog style  - There are many posts over the past couple of years, it just takes a little to find them (*hint:scroll right down to the bottom of the righthand sidebar)

One of the best sites we have found to look at your monthly stars;  you can also choose to have them sent directly to your inbox for free. 

Best: The relationship between sign profile & monthly transits.

Editor Rating: 5 Stars

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