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 15th February 2019

Tana Hoy

Rating: 2.03/5 (31 Votes)
Tana Hoy 2.03 of 5 31 Votes.

Psychic Astrologer: Tana Hoy

Tana Hoy's site states "America's Foremost Psychic Medium" I can't attest to that personally as we are in Aus, however we will take his word for it until others tell us otherwise.

Primarily a psychic, however Tana provides a brief monthly psychic horoscope reading for each of the sun signs.

Nothing too enlightening or analytical about planetary movements here, simply a predominant direction to consider for each of the signs. These scopes are more for entertainment and as a feeder to Tana's psychic readings. If you are looking for 'meaty' insights, look elsewhere.

If you are looking for all sorts of articles about the psychic world, this is the place! His psychic predictions for 2014 have now been published, and make interesting reading.

The blog site is easy to navigate with a clean, uncluttered style, however more to do with his psychic readings.

You will find the link to the monthly horoscopes on the right side-bar.

Best: The psychic predictions.

Editor Rating: 2 Stars for horoscopes.

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