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 15th February 2019

Astral Reflections

Rating: 3.68/5 (63 Votes)
Astral Reflections 3.68 of 5 63 Votes.
Astral reflections

Astrologer: TIM STEPHENS

Astral Reflections is Canadian pyschic astrologer Tim Stephens' blog with weekly forecasts and occasional posts about the world we live in relation to the stars.

Each week astrological movements are charted and an extensive social overview is given prior to the specific sun sign posts.

Each sign is dealt with in detail recommending particular times to act on advice. Tim's introduction to the world weekly happenings can sometimes require some concentration to follow, however, individual signs are clear and to the point.

Tim has been providing weekly horoscopes on this site for over ten years and it has morphed into the blog style that it is today. The site is clean and simple, allowing his weekly scopes to 'do the talking'.

Overall, great insights with specific direction.

Best: Weekly preamble and 10 year archives

Editor Rating: 5 Stars

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