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 15th February 2019

Dark Star Astrology

Rating: 3.29/5 (14 Votes)
Dark Star Astrology 3.29 of 5 14 Votes.
Marina Partridge

Astrologer: Marina Macario

Uk Astrologer & Illustrator provides us with a slick blog style site that is punctuated by beautiful illustration. The yearly horoscope forecast is Marina's interpretaion of the planetary alignments for the coming year.

A very descriptive read with much astrological terminology. To get the most out of this reading you need to have some understanding about astrological movements and their meanings.

She has stopped her weekly and monthly outlooks, now concentrating on the year ahead.

Even if the year ahead interpretion is too much for you it is worth spending time perusing the horoscope profiles. Written in a way that all can relate to, using plenty of analogies each sign is further dissected into the 3 decans.  Find your decan (if you don't already know it), read the analysis and I'm sure you will have many ah-ha moments.

Could nearly give this site 5 stars, but the flashing ads took off the gloss. (Yes I know people have to make a living...)

Best: It's all good if you have time to spare and a little background understanding.

Editor Rating: 4.5 Stars

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