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 15th February 2019

Joanna Watters

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Joanna Watters 2.33 of 5 15 Votes.
Joanna Watters

Astrologer: Joanna Watters

Joanna is a well acclaimed astrologer having released her first book 'Tarot for Today', taught at The Company of Astrologers in London and is now teaching at her very own summer school, The Greek Island Summer School.

Starting out small in the Greek Islands Joanna would set up on the beach at night to get customers enjoying the Greek nightlife, soon the internet and technology developed and she was able to start up the summer school and continue teaching others about her passion...astrology.

Joanna provides monthly and weekly horoscopes as well as weekly astrology articles. Her articles outline the happenings in the astrology world for the upcoming week.

Within each of her weekly posts are links to her horoscopes that feature in Avon and Network She. Her horoscopes are very much suited to the scope enthusiast, being to the point with little technical language.

Her website itself does offer information about the Greek Island Summer School where Joanna offers a vast array of different courses for the budding astrologers.

The website is pretty basic which makes for easy navigation and there is no advertising. The links to her columns do open in the same window/tab which can be a little annoying having to go back to find the link to her other columns.

Joanna provides a wealth of knowledge with fantastic and concise horoscopes.

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