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 15th February 2019

Regina Russell's Tea Room

Rating: 2.00/5 (9 Votes)
Regina Russell's Tea Room 2.00 of 5 9 Votes.
Regina Russell

Astrologer: Regina Russell

Regina Russell has taught astrology for fifteen years as well as written horoscope columns for newspapers in New York and New England as well as releasing her own books titled: 'Card Readers Handbook' and 'Astrology Made Easy.'

She now devotes all her time to her very popular Tea Room where she carries out her variety of readings for customers.

All reports aren't as detailed as other astrologers, but still provide essential information for horoscope lovers.

The site is very plain, but very in-your-face at the same time. There is quite a bit of advertising for Regina's own services and Tea Room which takes away from the free services that she is providing online.

After getting past the initial page and developing an idea of the website the horoscopes and zodiac compatibility is worth the trouble.

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Editor Rating: 2 Stars

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