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 15th February 2019

Stargazer Astro Atlas

Rating: 4.13/5 (32 Votes)
Stargazer Astro Atlas 4.13 of 5 32 Votes.

Astrologer: Jocelyn Marquis

Jocelyn shares free monthly horoscopes on her Facebook timeline, these are a taste of her more detailed monthly astrological interpretations distributed through her Stargazer Astro Atlas App.

Her monthly sun sign horoscopes are down-to-earth, easy to read and written with straight-forward, clear indicators. They are not as 'meaty' as some weeklies, but there is certainly no padding here.

If you are looking for something more comprehensive you can download the (paid) Stargazer Astro Atlas App for your full monthly and 2014 horoscope, sun sign profiles as well as daily general readings of all aspects and transits. This app is full of information, and as suggests "is a one of kind horoscope and reference tool that has been designed for use by both novice and professional astrologers".

If you are simply looking for sun sign horoscopes visit Jocelyn's page each Sunday for weekly updates, but if you are looking for more indepth interpretations including horoscope decans, tarot associations and lunar node interpretations the Stargazer app is a valuable reference. A lite version is available.

Best: Good for a quick sunday night 'fix'.

Editor Rating: 3.5 Stars

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