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 15th February 2019

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We have found the most accurate monthly horoscopes and free monthly astrology forecasts from top astrologers so you don't have to. 

Free predictions for the month ahead for all star signs; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

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Frank Pilkington

Rating: 3.31/5 (32 Votes)
Frank Pilkington 3.31 of 5 32 Votes.
Frank Pilkington

Astrologer: Frank Pilkington

Psychic astrologer, Frank Pilkington is Scotland's mass media astrologer. His horoscopes and readings have appeared in print, radio and television.

His online daily and weekly scopes are consise, a 2 or 3 sentance summary. The monthly and yearly features provide a more comprehensive analysis. 

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Jessica Adams

Rating: 3.97/5 (97 Votes)
Jessica Adams 3.97 of 5 97 Votes.
Jessica Adams


Jessica Adams is an international pyschic astrologer and author. Currently writing for Cosmopolitan Uk, Harper's Bazaar UK and Australian Women's Weekly. Her personal site shares her weekly and monthly forecasts as well as a look at 12 months ahead. 

Every horoscope provides a thorough analysis of each sign as well as an indepth astrological overview of the week.

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Joanna Watters

Rating: 2.33/5 (15 Votes)
Joanna Watters 2.33 of 5 15 Votes.
Joanna Watters

Astrologer: Joanna Watters

Joanna is a well acclaimed astrologer having released her first book 'Tarot for Today', taught at The Company of Astrologers in London and is now teaching at her very own summer school, The Greek Island Summer School.

Starting out small in the Greek Islands Joanna would set up on the beach at night to get customers enjoying the Greek nightlife, soon the internet and technology developed and she was able to start up the summer school and continue teaching others about her passion...astrology.

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John Hayes

Rating: 3.31/5 (32 Votes)
John Hayes 3.31 of 5 32 Votes.
John Hayes

Astrologer: JOHN HAYES

Formerly a UK astrologer, (now based in Tokyo) John Hayes delivers brief daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes in a simple, easy to understand format with general guidance.

Catering for different timezones with yesterday, today, tomorrow options the daily scopes suitable for a quick glance, but not if you are adter something more substantial.

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JP Astrology

Rating: 3.49/5 (53 Votes)
JP Astrology 3.49 of 5 53 Votes.
Jeff Prince Astrology

Astrologer: Jeff Prince

Jeff Prince (UK Astrologer) is the predominant astrologer on this site, however it is unclear whether he writes the scopes as he states he has "a variety of new and interesting astrologers". 

Daily, weekly and Monthly horoscopes are separated into General, Money, Love and Career.

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Leading Light Astrology

Rating: 3.66/5 (80 Votes)
Leading Light Astrology 3.66 of 5 80 Votes.
Leading Light Astrology

Astrologer: Stellar Bella

Stellar Bella was born and raised in Borneo and has lived and worked throughout Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe. She now resides in Melbourne, Australia.

For the past twenty years Stellar Bella has studied astrology, providing charts and readings, she believes it is the skill of the researcher and their analytical ability that determines the accuracy of the forecast. Her forecasts are a combination of these skills and her psychic ability.

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Patrick Arundell

Rating: 4.15/5 (280 Votes)
Patrick Arundell 4.15 of 5 280 Votes.
Patrick Arundall Love Horoscopes

Astrologer: Patrick Arundell

Patrick Arundell has been a professional astrologer for 18 years. He is a well known, self taught astrologer.

Patrick provides a vast array of horoscopes, daily, weekly and monthly as well as a love horoscope for each day, week and month as well as providing tomorrow’s daily horoscopes for readers today!

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