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 15th February 2019

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Lua Astrology

Rating: 3.00/5 (16 Votes)
Lua Astrology 3.00 of 5 16 Votes.
Lua Astrology

Astrologer: Leah Whitehorse

Leah is a young enthusiastic astrologist with a passion for the stars! She lives in Portugal and is the co-author of the book “Spellcaster: Seven Ways to Effective Magic.”

She has many passions outside of astrology but always seems to be able to relate them back to her passion for astrology. For example she wants to learn to paint in order to design her own tarot set.

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Ruby Slipper Astrology

Rating: 3.50/5 (20 Votes)
Ruby Slipper Astrology 3.50 of 5 20 Votes.
Ruby Slipper Astrology

Astrologer: Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia currently lives in Toronto and has been practicing astrology for over 15 years. She has studied a variety of interpretive techniques including Evolutionary and Traditional astrology.

Nadia provided readers with an overview of the week ahead for all zodiacs and according to the general planet movement, before she provides a detailed horoscope for each zodiac that is easy to understand whether you are an aspiring astrologist or horoscope enthusiast.

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Voice of Astrology

Rating: 3.75/5 (36 Votes)
Voice of Astrology 3.75 of 5 36 Votes.
Voice of Astrology

Astrologer: Rita Ann Freeman

Rita began studying astrology at the age of four and is a fifth generation astrologer. She has been the astrologer for radio shows as well as having her very own TV talk show “The Voice of Astrology” for 18 years.

She appeared regularly on the ABC, CBS and NBC. She has been writing her free weekly horoscopes since 1996.

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Rating: 3.75/5 (51 Votes)
Astrobarry 3.75 of 5 51 Votes.

Astrologer: Barry Perlman

“Get back to creating your own life story.” Barry is a firm believer that astrology is a self-discovery tool.

He started practicing astrology 15 years ago as a part time hobby to earn some extra money, only four years later his passion  for astrology had grown so that’s when Astrobarry started...and the rest is history.

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Astrology 101

Rating: 2.22/5 (9 Votes)
Astrology 101 2.22 of 5 9 Votes.
Astrology 101

Astrologer: Suzan Hayden

Suzan has been an astrologer for over 23 years, she is a certified member of the American Association of Professional Psychics and has studied astrology in the US, England and Ireland.

Suzan is most well known in the US for her lectures and motivational speeches integrating astrology into the past and present of individuals.

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Regina Russell's Tea Room

Rating: 2.00/5 (9 Votes)
Regina Russell's Tea Room 2.00 of 5 9 Votes.
Regina Russell

Astrologer: Regina Russell

Regina Russell has taught astrology for fifteen years as well as written horoscope columns for newspapers in New York and New England as well as releasing her own books titled: 'Card Readers Handbook' and 'Astrology Made Easy.'

She now devotes all her time to her very popular Tea Room where she carries out her variety of readings for customers.

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Astrology by Lauren

Rating: 3.25/5 (24 Votes)
Astrology by Lauren 3.25 of 5 24 Votes.
Astrology by Lauren

Astrologer: Lauren Coleman

Lauren lives in New York City and has been certified by the NCGR Professional Astrologers' Alliance.

She is very devoted to her astrology and has been intrigued by astrology and horoscopes ever since her mother gave the book "Astrology" as a teenager.

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