April 2021 Monthly Horoscope

We present the monthly horoscope for April 2021 for all zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. The April 2021 horoscope comes with important tips and warnings for all zodiac signs. Find out the astral predictions for each sign, with interesting details about career, money, love and health.

April 2021 is a pretty intense month, with many transits and admissions, of which there is a relegation, but also a transit through two Mercury signs, an aspect that can, in addition, disturb at the level of communication and social interaction. .

The most important event of the month that deserves to be mentioned separately is the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction from Capricorn, a rare conjunction, which is formed on April 5 and happens every 12 years. This event speaks of expansion and progress (Jupiter), but in the conditions of Pluto in Capricorn (destruction / reconstruction of power / authority / hierarchy). In other words, it will most likely be a destruction of those leadership systems that are not correct, moral in order to progress.

It will be about the dismissal of those people who have not achieved their goals in fair and honest ways. It will be a real reform that will lead the truth and justice, this time. At the same time, the impact will be at the financial level, and most likely value systems will fall, new administrative and fiscal policies will emerge, but even if everything will be to our benefit later, now we must show a lot of prudence in managing finances. It will continue to be difficult, most likely, until the end of the year, when Jupiter will meet in another remarkable conjunction, this time with Saturn, in Aquarius.

The sun, the planet that talks about our personality and vitality, transits the sign of Aries until April 19, 2021, when it enters the sign of Taurus and activates the energies of this sign.

On April 8, the phenomenon of the Full Moon is formed in the sign of Libra, and on April 23, the New Moon will take place in the sign of Taurus. These moons talk about endings and new beginnings and each sign will be impacted in a certain sector of life.

On April 3, Venus, the planet of love and money, will leave its home sign and enter the sign of Gemini, a position from which it strongly manifests its energy and will make us more open to those around us, more eager to communicate and interaction, but also more prone to online flirtations and word conquests.

In the couple, conflicts can be resolved if the partners are sincere and open. At the same time, great declarations of love will not be late and we may be tempted to make great promises. As Venus in Gemini feels very good it can give us a slight inclination towards luxury, towards major expenses and it is preferable to be very reserved in the financial chapter because from May the planet will retrograde in this zodiac sign and could lead to major financial problems. .

Mercury, the planet of communication, will leave the sign of Pisces on April 11 and will enter the sign of Aries, which it will transit until April 27, when it will step into Taurus. On the one hand, we are glad that Mercury comes out of Pisces, a sign in which it did not support communication at all, but we can be slightly upset by what follows and we say this because if in the period when it activates the energy of Aries we will have the tendency to say things by name, to say everything that goes through our heads without thinking too much about the consequences, in other words, to be honest and direct, in the last days of the month, as the Taurus will cross, we will be totally opposed. We will prefer to talk only when we have something to say and only if what we say is interesting and makes a difference. In other words, we will become more rigid in dialogue, but we will also have much more practical ideas.

On the other hand, on April 25, 2021, Pluto, the planet of transformations, will enter the Capricorn zodiac retrograde and this aspect may come with some changes at the collective level, reassessments related to how power, function, authority are applied. , but also internal changes in how we relate to them.


A good feeling will be the tone for the moon. Optimism connected to change has occurred in your area of ​​shared resources. Your feelings of personal responsibility do not seem to be defined, so that you understand what others expect of you. Call for clarification. The desire to buy a luxury item with impulses for entertainment purposes could trigger if you do not think about it. You are very unlikely to do it before you jump into it.


Privacy seems to be very important to you this month, but you also want to give it your best. There may be sudden changes in your work area and these changes will not make you very happy. Adaptation should be the key to this situation, as changes are very difficult to make. You should be mentally prepared to receive a learning experience in this field. Worries about marriage and partnership can bother you, but a friendly exchange of thoughts with a friend could help relax your mind.


The news could reach you about your position or status in the community, providing information that can be very useful to you. The impulsive action to seek pleasure in a journey may be the cause of disagreement; cooperation and abstention must be taken into account. An illusory sense of well-being in common finances can develop. You will not be happy when you are looking for a certain reality in this situation.


Social status and community seem to be very important to you this month. Entertainment and social activities are also plentiful. Home-based activities have increased. Some of you may change residence, but this can cause you many unexpected expenses that could plunge you into shared resources. It would be advisable to inform yourself before you get involved or sign anything. A well-meaning friend may be misinformed. Confidence in yourself and what you know before making any decision will be for the best.


This month, some of you Leos will have a more philosophical perspective on your life. As the month progresses, you will look deeper into where you are going. Disagreement with the partner or partner could shake the boat, negotiating with feelings toward each party will smooth the way. Your assertion in these challenging circumstances will be very beneficial to all. A work problem can look very promising, but remember that everything that shines is not gold. You will not receive complete information in details that could be very important.


The point of view this month is in your area of ​​external income resources. News about this in relation to a partnership or your partner might be on your agenda. This situation can be created in advance. Intuition and a sense of responsibility will come into play. There should be a lot of activities connected to your personal sources, some unexpected expenses related to your line of work could come. The inclination to act with carpentry should be reduced and caution should be exercised.


For some of you, wedding bells might ring right now, and some of you might as well participate in business partnerships. Minor differences in your point of view with your loved one could come to a head and become proportionate. So calculate anything you disagree with before it is signed and sealed. New career promotion opportunities as well as a delayed financial reward could be for you. Imaginary responsibilities could be a cause for concern, so try to be realistic and look at other points of view.


This month’s point of view is in your area of ​​activity. Responsibilities need to be clarified, as lack of communication affects their understanding. Issues should be addressed and discussed. The changes in front of the house seem to happen in an unexpected way, giving you the feeling that you have your hands tied despite your needs. The memory of past experience might be helpful. Tension and frustration could be resolved in a loving way with your partner. It seems that mind swapping is required with the loved one and the lesson will be well learned.

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