Celtic Horoscope 2021

The Celts used to celebrate the rhythm of nature and were attentive to the environment, depending on the season they were going through. For them, each full moon spoke of a certain personality. They have a zodiac of trees, one of the moon and one of animals. The zodiac of animals is based on the animal that is most prominent in a given month. Here is the description of the personality of each zodiac sign, in Celts.

Here is what animal represents your zodiac sign and what is its meaning, according to the Celtic horoscope 2021. If you want to read the Western horoscope 2021 for all 12 signs: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces, you can access the German Web Horoskop website. read more

Mars Retrograde 2021

Every two years, Mars is in seemingly retrograde motion. But what does retrograde Mars mean in astrology and what effects does it have on us?

In astrology, Mars represents action, energy, determination, aggression, but also sexuality (male symbol). The “red planet” helps us fight for what we want – its positioning on the natal chart shows us in what areas we have the energy and strength needed to achieve our goals. (>> Mars in the 12 houses, in the natal chart) Mars is also associated with accidents, injuries and various violent events. read more

Uranus in Aries 2021

The move of Uranus to Aries, after seven years in Pisces, brings a change of mentalities, a change of thinking and outdated conceptions. It brings originality and modernism to the extreme.

Summary of the discussion

  • Uranus is at the antipode of the classic, it is not the embodiment of ordinary things, so it will bring something out of the ordinary in people’s lives;
  • Uranus calls for protests, great social changes are implemented with the help of this planet;


  • Uranus gives the natives of Aries an unprecedented courage;
  • rams will also have major changes in life during this period;


  • for those in the sign of Taurus, Uranus will not bring an obvious change;
  • those in the sign of Taurus are supported by the entry of Jupiter in the sphere of relationships, so any change in sentimental plenum comes from Jupiter;


  • Uranus brings for twins changes in the chapter of friends – House of Friendship,
  • for Gemini 2010 is a very good year from a social point of view;


  • for Cancers it is a good year in which it has stability, and when Jupiter is in fish and when Jupiter is in ram;
  • Cancers have the advantage of the presence of Jupiter and the presence of Uranus in the sign of Aries;


  • for lions it is a great advantage for Uranus to enter the sign of Aries;
  • all the energy accumulated by the natives of Leo, can alternate with the specific elements of the sign of Aries (house of higher education, house of friends, house of money): so those in Leo can start some studies, or can go abroad (to study or to the work);


  • Uranus can come with a promise of money, so this planet can be the solution to get out of the financial crisis;


  • Uranus can bring a radical change in terms of relationship with a business partner: if you do not have money, but you have very good ideas you will be able to open a business with the help of a business partner;
  • From a professional point of view, Uranus’ entry into Aries means a launch in business, on a sentimental level it can mean a rapid change;


  • Uranus may bring him the need to change something, because Mars has been in the career sphere and wreaked havoc in that area;


  • for Sagittarians it is a very good subsidy for Uranus to enter Aries;
  • they can have an unsuspected love, but they can also give birth to a desire for education;


  • for Capricorn it is an unexpected situation. Those who want to take a house, will solve the documents quite quickly;
  • Uranus in ram means for Capricorns: the house, so if they want to buy a house, now they can do it very well;


  • Uranus’ entry into Aries means professional success, some changes in terms of career evolution to another level; (film, photography)


  • fish now have money, they have chances to find contracts abroad, or in the country, but outside the place where they live;
  • some contracts can be concluded, so some problems related to the career will be solved, so also to money;

What zodiac sign is Uranus in your natal chart? Find out how the planet of innovation influences you, depending on the sign where it was at your birth.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion, revolution, change, innovation, but also eccentricity. Thus, the sign in which Uranus is in the natal chart indicates how we oppose the rules, how we produce changes in our lives. Because Uranus crosses a sign in about seven years, the characteristics conferred influence an entire generation. read more

Chiron in Aries 2021

rheumatism related to one’s own image. Obstacle to the development of instinctual abilities and self-assertion or ego. Difficulties in distinguishing individuality, uniqueness and particular qualities. Obstacles to self-discovery, assertion of physical energy and natural mood (character). The right to exist is questioned. The possibility, in different degrees of manifestation, to lose their autonomy, spontaneity and freedom of action.

Attitudes observed and generated by this pain:

Impatience, irritation, extreme mental tension, anger, violence, aggression, too much or too little energy, exhaustion, sexual problems, difficulty acting. read more

Black Moon in Aquarius 2021

I received a lot of questions from Aquarius about the transit of the Black Moon to Aquarius so I summarized the basics. First of all, this transit is repeated once every 9 years, it differs for each one depending on the house in which it is made and the other aspects that it forms with the planets in the natal astrogram but taken individually its influence would be the following:

Lilith in Aquarius will reveal those unfulfilled desires of each Aquarius (when it will be conjunct with the sun of each one) and they may take unintended risks, react without thinking about the consequences or by focusing extremely much on his own person not to take into account those close to him. They need to understand their motivations and evaluate their benefit / risk ratio. read more

How will the year 2021 be for Aquarius?

Between March 23 and July 2 you will feel an influence that will become predominant in the coming years. It was a fourteen-year period in which your interest focused primarily on human relationships and social life.

As you set out to build an external world, your internal processes may have gone unnoticed. From now on, a period will begin in which you look inward and restructure your self where necessary. Regardless of the duration, this will be a time of contemplation and self-examination. The better you know yourself in the coming years, the more successful you will be. read more

Is 2021 a good year for Taurus? Will Taurus be lucky?

The 2021 horoscope for the Taurus sign shows that this year you will have more energy than usual. Don’t waste it, because it won’t last forever. Do something really important.

Zodiac for kids. Taurus Cute style


The predictions of the 2021 horoscope made by Horoscope Annuel, show that if you are looking for your great love, this is the lucky year. Love will consume a lot of your time and energy this year. If you are already in a relationship, your sex life will take on a new impetus. The relationship with the partner will pass into a new phase, more passionate, even, than at the beginning. It is a favorable year for conceiving a child. You need to express your feelings better if you want to have a successful relationship. read more

Blue Full Moon 2021 Meaning for Zodiac Signs

2021 will bring not only the phenomenon of the Blue Moon, but also many important news for each sign. From an astrological point of view, an extremely interesting period follows.

Astrologers announce that the Full Moon is generally an important time for all the zodiac signs. However, on October 31 we will witness a really special phenomenon: the Blue Full Moon on Halloween night, which experts say will happen only in 2039! Retrograde mercury brings difficulties in communication and tensions in relationships with others. It is not advisable to make plans, because something could happen that would ruin everything. read more

June 2021 Monthly Horoscope


Any meetings, trips and business you have started before will grow very actively, so you can expect fairly quick results that can make a number of changes in your life.

Expect to travel, to communicate intensely with different people, even karmic encounters are not excluded, and after them, to have opportunities to open new horizons. It is very important that in this somewhat chaotic period, you do not miss the successful offers and filter the information with the help of reason, because deception, deception and temptation are not excluded. It will be difficult to recognize misinformation, and if you fall into the trap, you may lose time, effort and money. read more

Chinese Love Horoscope 2021

Passionate nights, love getaways, tenderness on the beach and innocent flirtations? Find out what the chinese horoscope 2021 have in store for you for the hottest year – the Year of the Metal Ox 2021.

chinese astrology 2021 - year of the ox


This month, you will have a very “varied” menu from a sentimental point of view. In this period full of emotional load, you are prone to flirting and open to unsuspected opportunities. If you know how to take advantage of the opportunity, you can experience the feeling of love without obligations and freedom, without trying too hard. And we have another good news: luck is on the side of the Rat in 2021, because a lot of fun awaits him in two and a fulfilled sex life. read more