Black Moon in Aquarius 2021

I received a lot of questions from Aquarius about the transit of the Black Moon to Aquarius so I summarized the basics. First of all, this transit is repeated once every 9 years, it differs for each one depending on the house in which it is made and the other aspects that it forms with the planets in the natal astrogram but taken individually its influence would be the following:

Lilith in Aquarius will reveal those unfulfilled desires of each Aquarius (when it will be conjunct with the sun of each one) and they may take unintended risks, react without thinking about the consequences or by focusing extremely much on his own person not to take into account those close to him. They need to understand their motivations and evaluate their benefit / risk ratio.

  • If the conjunction is made in the house of 1, the aspect has to do with personality and personal reactions and the native has the predisposition to take into account only what he wants by revealing that rebellious part of him;
  • if it is in the second house, it refers to the finances and the value system, the irregularities are revealed, there may be alternative states of waste and greed;
  • if he is in the 3rd house, the relations with the brothers, the neighbors and those in the immediate vicinity could become provocative, and the Aquarius may be in a position to say things that he will later regret,
  • if the conjunction takes place in the 4th house, the aspect refers to the emotional side and to issues related to the house, it is about the need to be emotionally independent to detach from the mother or to get rid of certain difficulties with housing,
  • if the aspect takes place in the 5th house, it refers to the sentimental relations, children, speculations: it could be that in the sentimental relations the native wants more freedom and this will cause him problems in the relationship, regarding children will have alternative states, they will not listen and often behave chaotically,
  • if the appearance takes place in the 6th house: do not resign 🙂 and try to stand out by what you do and not by rebellious attitudes, there are possible problems with those in an inferior position; you are much more intolerant of discipline and rules.
  • if the aspect is realized in the 7th house, the challenges come from the area of ​​partnerships, the hidden or misunderstood things come to light and trigger in the Aquarius native a desire to free himself, however the solution is to solve and not run away from these situations; women with this aspect will show a desire to lead in a relationship and to impose themselves and men can develop an intolerance to any criticism that comes from the partner’s direction or an obsession related to a certain situation, indecisions;
  • if the aspect is realized in the 8th house, the transit predisposes to challenges in the financial area of ​​the partner or credits, sometimes an aggressive tendency to accumulate resources, emancipation from the sexual point of view, brings to light the fantasies;
  • in the 9th house, the aspects are manifested in the legal area or in the one related to the foreigner / foreign persons, higher education, namely: the need to go abroad regardless of the consequences or even if it is not the opportune moment, the intention or the involvement in unfavorable legal actions, the interruption of a faculty or the adherence to a dogma, sect, ideology that for the moment seems to satisfy the spiritual need but is not the best choice,
  • in the 10th house it refers to the relationship with superiors, authorities or paternal figure, uncontrolled exits have bad results as well as a career change made impulsively, on the other hand individual and premeditated actions in this direction can bring liberation from a situation of constraint,
  • in the 11th house the challenge comes from ideals, friends or the desire for freedom, no compromises must be made related to principles or violations in these areas because they will be taxed, you must not throw your head forward situation;
  • in the 12th house reveals hidden things, fears, obsessions – confronting them and finding the causes can be beneficial; a secret relationship can create problems.

The aspect that can aggravate the situation is a possible conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter that can give a feeling of confidence and that can make Aquarius throw himself into difficult situations. Although Jupiter is the “great benefactor” sometimes it brings an optimism without a real foundation, it predisposes to violations of limits, to excesses.

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