Blue Full Moon 2021 Meaning for Zodiac Signs

2021 will bring not only the phenomenon of the Blue Moon, but also many important news for each sign. From an astrological point of view, an extremely interesting period follows.

Astrologers announce that the Full Moon is generally an important time for all the zodiac signs. However, on October 31 we will witness a really special phenomenon: the Blue Full Moon on Halloween night, which experts say will happen only in 2039! Retrograde mercury brings difficulties in communication and tensions in relationships with others. It is not advisable to make plans, because something could happen that would ruin everything.

Also, the Blue Full Moon in 2021 will align with Uranus and this will bring sudden, unexpected changes to the zodiac signs, meant to take the zodiac signs out of their comfort zone.


The Blue Full Moon will test the natives and put them in a position to take care of those things that they have been avoiding lately. The astronomical phenomenon of 2021 will make those born in this sign feel the need to face the books. It is recommended to be patient, because it is not excluded to have all kinds of obstacles, in love, in the family or at work. A life lesson is ready for you.


Dear bulls, this Blue Full Moon is for you, so take full advantage! You need to understand that what you want changes with you, so don’t blame yourself if the relationship doesn’t go well, if your partner doesn’t understand you or if you don’t find yourself in your lifestyle or at work. The natives are advised not to let pride stand in the way of their evolution as human beings.


The Blue Full Moon of 2021 is the phenomenon that forces the twins to go down a little with their feet on the ground. The natives have to give up the walls they build around them in order to look different from what they are. Without sincerity and honesty, things can’t go well in life, whether we’re talking about a relationship or a job.


A lucky sign on 2021, when the Blue Full Moon phenomenon occurs, is cancer! The natives have important changes for the better, excellent news and full energy. The natives will clean, either at home or in their love life. This will bring many benefits over time.


The phenomenon of the Blue Full Moon on Halloween night takes the lions out of their comfort zone. Overwhelmed by the agitation of the last part of their lives, the natives feel that they no longer have the resources to be perfect in everything they do. The phenomenon of 2021 will help many to relax and look at things more coldly.

Horoscope. What does the Blue Full Moon of 2021 mean and how are the zodiac signs affected by this phenomenon


The Blue Full Moon of 2021 brings a feeling of well-being to the natives, because the natives have full energy and a lot of confidence in their personal strengths. Those born in this sign are advised to get rid of friends and toxic people in their lives. Some worries will go away and the natives will remember to smile more.


Libra is not doing as well, because this Halloween with a Blue Full Moon has prepared a delicate situation for the natives. They need to be extremely attentive to the people in their lives and give up the thought that they could change those who pull them back. Some natives will be good at love, love, family, and relationships. But beware of people who tend not to help you evolve.


The Blue Full Moon shows once again to scorpions that they are, most of the time, the reason why certain things do not go well in their lives, because they tend to dramatize too much. It’s time to try to change, if you want things to happen differently in your life.


The phenomenon of 2021 brings important news for Sagittarius. The natives now look at things much more carefully and more lucidly, which helps them make good decisions. The Blue Full Moon makes those born in this sign feel that they have caught wings and courage to try a new project or even a love they never dreamed of before!


The natives will fully feel the phenomenon of the Blue Full Moon, because Uranus will bring big and unexpected changes, on almost all levels. Maybe it was time for something to happen in the lives of the natives, because the natives spent too much time in the routine.


The Blue Full Moon makes Aquarius dreamers better understand how important it is to have a suitable partner with you. The natives will understand during this period that they do not always have to be independent and that some things have changed inside them.


The Blue Full Moon on Halloween night brings many changes for the natives, especially in terms of love. If there have been all sorts of obstacles so far, the fish will find that luck is back and things are starting to go well.

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