Chinese Love Horoscope 2021

Passionate nights, love getaways, tenderness on the beach and innocent flirtations? Find out what the chinese horoscope 2021 have in store for you for the hottest year – the Year of the Metal Ox 2021.

chinese astrology 2021 - year of the ox


This month, you will have a very “varied” menu from a sentimental point of view. In this period full of emotional load, you are prone to flirting and open to unsuspected opportunities. If you know how to take advantage of the opportunity, you can experience the feeling of love without obligations and freedom, without trying too hard. And we have another good news: luck is on the side of the Rat in 2021, because a lot of fun awaits him in two and a fulfilled sex life.


Ox natives are relaxing this month. Throughout 2021 you can expect only pleasant surprises from your partner, and your relationship will strengthen. Nothing seems to stand in the way of your happiness, and the desire to move to the “next level” intensifies. For bulls who do not yet have a mate, this month can be a good opportunity to meet their great love. Enjoy the sun, the holidays and be tempted by the hot sand…


ForTigers, 2021 is the month of love and sexual debauchery, so sexual satisfaction is more important than emotional satisfaction. It is the period of gains, both financial and physical, so be prepared to take advantage of the generous offer that is announced. The single natives of the twin sign are willing to make any sacrifice to fulfill their love life. Do everything in moderation and be very careful not to “endanger” your heart. Your time will surely come!


This beginning of 2021 will give you energy, many challenges and unexpected situations. You have the chance to experience love and sex “at first sight” without breaking your freedom. Flirting, fun and temptations of any kind are what will concern you right now. And for your birthday, the stars are quite favorable to you and announce unforgettable moments. As for coupled cancer natives, it is an extremely beneficial time to reinvent themselves and find their emotional balance. The summer months have a positive impact on life as a couple and are ideal for deepening feelings. The year 2021 guarantees those in the sign of cancer many moments full of tenderness.


Dragons are among the happiest natives of the zodiac in 2021 all the planets being on their side. This month, too, they do not lack sensuality, sex appeal and the power of seduction, and this attitude is positively reflected in their social life. For single natives, 2021 is a good time for a new love affair, so they should try to go out more often and socialize more in order to meet new people. Among them could be the great love they have always dreamed of… For those who are married, a period of peace and harmony follows. In this situation, they are open to compromises, tolerance and understanding, attitudes that are not usually defining for the sign of Dragon.


The Sneke horoscope for 2021 highlights the desire to experience permanently and the joy of living. This month, virgins are eager to interact with new people, they are looking for adventure and thrills. This attitude favors the lonely, who have all the chances to turn this summer month into an unforgettable experience of their lives. For those who have a partner, a period of pleasure and sexual desire may follow. Regardless of the sentimental status, for the Snakes, the stars have prepared many emotions…


For the Horse, 2021 is full of romance and spiritual concerns. This month you will be involved in various aspects related to children and family, and the stars are on your side. For married natives it is a time of progress and spiritual satisfaction. It is the month of great accomplishments, shrouded in surprises and mystery. Even for unmarried people, in terms of love, July seems to be extremely promising. They have all the chances to find their dream half!


Not that there could be a better time for scorpions! 2021 promises to be a passionate, intense and full of hot surprises. Single natives have the right to a great deal of affection and tenderness, things that will completely change their lives. It is time for serious and responsible relationships, the benefits of which will not be long in coming. Those who have a partner will go through a new stage of their existence as a couple.


Monkey is full of positive energy this year. They are preoccupied with romantic trips, night walks and any kind of couple activities. They make a lot of plans for the future of the two of them and are waiting for a reward. Both the singles and those involved in a love affair are much more dedicated than usual and experience that kind of deep love. Precisely because of this attitude, your love life will take a new turn, favorable, of course!


Romance and enthusiasm fit perfectly into this month’s expectations. It is the period when a lot of affection and spontaneity is desired. Capricorns go through unique situations in order to create a long-term relationship. As for married Capricorns, be very careful, because the Year of the Ox 2021 is full of temptations that can upset your current love life. 2021 also favors marriages and engagements.


Dog fully enjoys all the surprises that 2021 offers. This month presents a special charm, giving them the chance to fully enjoy new conquests. In the case of single natives, it is the ideal time to venture into unknown territory and try their luck in love. For those who have a stable partner, the stars favor romantic encounters, tender gestures and reciprocity of feelings. Towards the end of the year there is the possibility of a big dream come true.


For the Pigs, 2021 means adventure and fun for the couple. The cheerful attitude can bring you unforgettable moments and the opportunity to stand out in your circle of friends. This month favors exciting meetings and conversations with new people. Due to their charm, the Pig enjoy an intense love life and a lasting emotional balance. For Pigs, every day of this month is an invitation to adventure!

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