Chiron in Aries 2021

rheumatism related to one’s own image. Obstacle to the development of instinctual abilities and self-assertion or ego. Difficulties in distinguishing individuality, uniqueness and particular qualities. Obstacles to self-discovery, assertion of physical energy and natural mood (character). The right to exist is questioned. The possibility, in different degrees of manifestation, to lose their autonomy, spontaneity and freedom of action.

Attitudes observed and generated by this pain:

Impatience, irritation, extreme mental tension, anger, violence, aggression, too much or too little energy, exhaustion, sexual problems, difficulty acting.

Physical symptoms:

Headaches, migraines, insomnia, head injuries, contusions, bruises, sprains, burns, high fever, injury due to an accident, rash, irritation. Physical inability to move at will.

The parental message is heard in the environment

“You are too aggressive”; “I don’t love you when you’re angry”; “You have too much energy”; “I’m against you”

The internalized message

“I’m ineffective!” ; “It’s bad to express your aggression, to assert yourself.” ; “I’m destructive.” ; “Others are destructive.” ; “I’m selfish, I don’t think about others”

New attitudes and habits

As he gains experience he discovers and asserts his unique and distinctive individuality. He must gain confidence in his own initiatives. In the same line of thinking, his competitive spirit will develop; respects the autonomy of others and independence, tries to be patient, gentle and receptive.

The “gift” offered by Chiron after healing (in exchange)

Consciousness of connection with the eternal self. Access to autonomy and independence. The ability to see all that is ephemeral and to become a teacher of truth and self-worth. The ability to manifest his potential, all the objectives and everything he has established in his personal initiatives. The ability to teach others to slow down, to have more patience and to think before acting, to control their aggression and excessive egocentrism, to show the courage to be different, to assume independence .

Therapies (which help healing)

Therapy through positive thinking: “I am relaxed, I relax”; “I accept the course of life as well as the rhythm of others”; “I am patient and understanding”

Other therapies: Leboyer method, cranial osteopathy, primary crying, sexual therapy, practice of righteous actions, elimination of energy through creative means, sports, martial arts, dance, tai chi, meditation; floral free.

Chiron in Aries is an exercise in self-discovery. Often those with this aspect will talk about their spiritual mission, the need to find a personal purpose in the sense of awareness and existence. Some face their wounds by retreat and others overcompensate aggressively. While the latter may be courageous when there is a personal investment in the spiritual process, unless there are other spiritual aspects in the astrogram, their spiritual search seldom extends beyond a purely personal search.

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