Free Aries Horoscope 2021

The fact that the planet Uranus is still Aries (until May 2018), urges temperamental Aries to ego revolutions and a change of mentality in terms of how they understand to present themselves to other fellows.

Also, in 2021, the need for independence of Aries reaches very high levels, the same happens with impulsivity. Therefore, they should be careful, otherwise they risk turning their life into an ordeal.

In May and November 2021, the trine between Uranus and Saturn helps horned natives harmonize their past experiences with future intentions. The urge of the stars is that they have a lot of patience and perseverance to get good long-term results.

We also find out that Saturn will remain in the ninth house of the Aries sign, until December 20, 2021, meaning that this native would still have work to update the beliefs according to which they lead their lives. You may come to the conclusion that you still need to deepen your knowledge or even your studies in order to reach the desired career level.

If you are still studying, Saturn’s downgrade may bring to your life the obsessive idea that you are not meeting the demands of teachers. Be careful, don’t be lazy and avoid being overdue!

In 2021, in March and at the end of September, beginning of November, the natives can be “blessed” with personal and partnership crises, because Jupiter will be in the seventh house of Aries, in opposition to Uranus, in Aries.

Hence the need for independence that will greatly upset the couple or business partner, which will probably lead to breaking these ties.

Good time for Aries

With the entry of Jupiter into Scorpio, starting with October 10, 2021, a financially beneficial period can open, with great chances for those born in this sign, to attract financial support or to find solutions to pay off debts, installments.

Also, if you suffer from chronic diseases or if health problems occur, September 2021 (after the 6th) is good for reconsidering the diagnosis, for resuming tests or changing treatment.

Less good time for Aries

In the first week of January 2021, April 10 – May 3, August 13 – September 6, December 3 – 23, caution is advised regarding health.

Year 2021, in Aries – Forecasts for Monday

January – is the month of success and progress for rams.

Tip: Improve your circle of acquaintances for prosperity.

February – is for those born in the sign of Aries a month that announces changes in career, profession. Intuition reaches happy heights. March – be careful, because of Mars, this month you will have the tendency to make impulsive decisions.

Tip: Take things easy!

April – possible salary increases and career advancementMay – is a month you should dedicate to your family, and spend more time at homeJune – is a socially active month. You could even plan your vacation with your loved one. July – a quiet time for Aries natives.

Tip: Be careful how much and how much you spend

August – fun is the right word. You will have many activities meant to make you feel good. Stay tuned for love, as well as for the profession. September – Aries will fight for a balance between work and personal life.

Tip: Don’t let Mercury retrograde damage your relationship

October – you will learn many new things

Tip: Be careful to solve all your problems and put an end to misunderstandings

November – is a good time to go on holiday with your family, to clarify certain things that grind you. December – stay very well in terms of career, because the tenth house is strong.

Conclusion – the horoscope of 2021, for the natives of Aries – reveals that it will be a year marked by positive changes.

General characteristic of the sign Aries: positive sign, masculine
Defining element for the sign Aries: Fire
Definitive quality for Aries: Cardinal sign (activity)

Aries zodiac colors: green, varnish
Characteristic gemstones for Aries: amethyst
Aries characteristic of the sign Aries: iron, steel
The most favorable day for the Aries sign: Tuesday

The main qualities of the Aries sign: physical energy, independence, courage, honor
The strongest desire of the Aries native: action
Defects of the Aries native: impetuousness, haste, haste, aggression

Relationships between Aries and other signs

Very good general compatibility with the zodiac signs: Leo, SagittariusLow general compatibility with the zodiac signs: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn Very good professional compatibility with the zodiac sign: Capricorn Very good emotional compatibility with the zodiac sign: Cancer Very good financial compatibility with the zodiac sign: Taurus Very good compatibility for marriage and / or partnerships with the sign: Libra Very good compatibility for creative projects with the sign: Leo Very good compatibility on a spiritual level with the signs: Sagittarius, Pisces

Aries zodiac personality

Stubborn and enterprising, the Aries native follows his own path; it can even be stubborn. An authentic Aries is lively, enterprising and full of enthusiasm for everything new. Brave, often naive, he is full of ideas, he has initiative and he immediately takes action, because he wants everything as soon as possible. The Aries native feels at ease or in clear situations, he does not like detours and ambiguities. He decides without appeal, is very rational, wants and can lead. He has technical and practical skills.

The negative aspect of Aries is excessive zeal, which can become harmful. The Aries native can be brutal, angry, quarrelsome. He is an impatient, recalcitrant and awkward subordinate, who begins many works but does not finish them. If he can’t control his impulses, the Aries native can be dragged into risky adventures.

Health: The Aries native is full of vitality. He may have problems with his teeth, has a slight fever, is sensitive to stress, because he does not know how to stop when he needs to, he is nervous, he has a restless sleep, his kidneys and stomach are sensitive. Aries is, however, the sign with the greatest power of regeneration.

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