Funny Horoscope for 2021

All people passionate about astrology already know the basic features of each zodiac sign. In addition to the general lines, there are funny details, less known, about each sign. Read the funny horoscope and find out the 5 things you probably didn’t know about your zodiac sign, which will make you laugh at your own shortcomings or qualities! Of course, if you want to read a well-documented 2021 horoscope, then read the annual forecasts made by the professionals from YearlyHoroscope2021.


The ideal meeting: a difficult hike or, even better, alpisim, followed by a quick stop at fast food and then an equally quick sex game. Patience is not the strength of Aries!

The magic weapon in seduction in the 2021: the surprise kiss and the almost instantaneous undressing of the other person.

Culinary preferences: Mexican food, with tons of spices and as much meat as possible.

How to shop: as fast as possible, with stops only in absolutely necessary places. He does not accept advice or help, because he already has the most informed opinion.

Ideal gifts: water pistols, adventure maps, rollers or any sports equipment. Anything can contribute to a future adventure.


The ideal meeting in 2021: a romantic dinner with as many types as possible, love poems recited by your partner and, if possible, a guitar solo. Art is always to Taurus’ liking (including culinary art)!

The magic weapon in seduction: the breasts as well highlighted as possible by a perfect cleavage.

Culinary preferences: anything (no fads), but enough.

How to shop: look especially for free samples and walk for hours among the shelves, until you make a decision.

The ideal gifts: chocolate, fluffy pillows to wash and books. Anything gives him comfort and encourages laziness.


The ideal meeting: an exciting discussion about the last book read and then an outdoor cocktail party. If he can meet as many people as possible, not just the person he had a date with, the Gemini native is the happiest.

The magic weapon in seduction: dancing, continuous and non-discriminatory flirting (with anyone who attracts his attention).

Culinary preferences: cold snacks or anything eaten quickly, so as not to involve too long moments of silence.

How to shop: compare prices, materials and all possible offers. He moves fast, but he can also spend hours shopping and return home empty-handed (but with something funny to tell).

Ideal gifts: board games, puzzles or an invitation to a masquerade ball. Anything gives him the opportunity to interact with at least ten people at a time.


The ideal meeting: a romantic dinner cooked at home and then, in an atmosphere as intimate as possible, sharing all the memories and important moments. If all goes well on the first date, Cancer will start making wedding plans.

The magic weapon in seduction: the application of the principle “Every man is looking for a new mother”.

Culinary preferences: dairy, home-cooked food.

How to shop: love cosmetics and especially look for home decorations.

Ideal gifts: aquarium, kitchen utensils, decorative objects, a picture framed (or more) with your partner. Anything can be used in the house or reminds him of family.


The ideal meeting: a shopping session in the most expensive shops in the mall, then a dinner at an Italian restaurant, possibly decorated with as many mirrors as possible. If he cannot admire himself, Leo will expect even more praise and evidence of admiration from the other person.

The magic weapon in seduction: the attitude of a goddess who is willing to look down on an ordinary mortal.

Culinary preferences: any expensive, exclusive and extravagant dish.

How to shopin 2021: spend exorbitant amounts and then borrow from the person next to you to buy more luxury products.

Ideal gifts: an expensive watch, a diamond necklace or tickets on an extravagant cruise. Any bright, luxurious object that attracts the admiration of its fans.
5 funny things about Virgo

The ideal meeting: an Origami course, then a dinner at the cleanest restaurant in town, which has a perfectly organized menu with a calorie table. The slightest stain on the tablecloth will ruin the whole romantic mood of the Virgin.

The magic weapon in seduction: the appearance of purity, which hides a beast in bedding.

Culinary preferences: organic products, vegetables and flawlessly cooked dishes, in an environment of perfect cleanliness.

How to shop: she is modest and looks for the slightest manufacturing defect. It is very difficult to find something satisfying.

Ideal gifts: a set of threads for tailoring, latex gloves for cleaning, soap with antibiotics. Anything that requires meticulousness or aids in cleaning.


The ideal meeting: dinner at a restaurant with moderate prices and a romantic comedy. Libra will probably start dreaming of a fairytale love, with a happy ending.

The magic weapon in seduction: impeccable clothing and flirtatious mastery.

Culinary preferences: balanced diet.

How to shop: she is an expert in negotiation and bargaining, she gets vouchers from everywhere and she knows where the discounts are.

Ideal gifts: the book “How to make friends and influence people”, a violin, tickets to the opera. Anything related to art or involving socialization.


The ideal meeting: an adventure through the mountains, followed by a trip with the most extravagant means of transport (for example, by helicopter) and a stop at a secluded cottage. If unforeseen situations arise, Sagittarius will be even more satisfied.

The magic weapon in seduction: availability, openness and desire for adventure (even – or especially – for one night).

Culinary preferences: game meat (if it can participate in hunting, it’s perfect) and food made at a campfire.

How to shop: has two speeds when shopping – fast and very fast. He would, however, make a detour of a few kilometers to see what discounts are at the mall on the other side of town.

Ideal gifts: camping equipment, tickets to an amusement park or a book with techniques of survival in the wild. Anything involves adventure and unpredictability.


The ideal meeting: a walk and then dinner at a restaurant in the neighborhood. Talks about money and career tickle the romantic sense of Capricorn.

The magic weapon in seduction: maturity and high standards up to the sky. It is the stopped fruit for most men.

Culinary preferences: simple, inexpensive food.

How to shop: look for the best deals, but rarely dare to buy something.

The ideal gifts: business cards, an envelope with money, a purse. Anything that helps him in the field of finance.


The ideal meeting: a street protest in a group of environmental activists, then a vegan dinner and a discussion about saving the planet. Aquarius is even more excited if someone miraculously manages to come up with an idea that did not cross his mind.

The magic weapon in seduction: joy, open-mindedness and spontaneous sex.

Culinary preferences: dishes inspired by the latest diet, foods full of vitamins and minerals, eco products.
How to shop: he is able to empty his wallet to buy the latest fashion items, books on philosophy or anything from the current New Age.

Ideal gifts: organic food, recycling guide, books on nutrition and ecology. Anyone with a hippie touch or something related to a new trend.


The ideal meeting: any activity with the person you like is welcome. The fish will place it on an imaginary pedestal and will be carried away by the wave.

The magic weapon in seduction: empathy like no other astrological sign and divine tolerance.

Culinary preferences: seafood and, otherwise, whatever your partner prefers.

How to shop: it’s hard for him to anchor himself enough in reality to buy what he needs quickly, so the shopping sessions can last half a day.

Ideal gifts: romantic gestures, sentimental discussions under the moonlight. Any evidence of affection from your loved one.

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