Horoscope 2021 for each zodiac sign

Astrologers’ forecasts for 2021, for each zodiac sign, presenting the main events that will take place for the natives, but also a recommendation for each zodiac sign.

The year 2021 will prove to be a social one, in which you will get out of the isolation in which you retired last year. All barriers will fall, and your spirit will be freed from all restrictions. You will have unlimited opportunities to increase your personal or professional skills.

You are a true romantic, always looking for beauty and a harmonious relationship, and this year will bring you unforgettable experiences. You will want to give up any impulsive decisions in exchange for a harmonious relationship with a person who will bring you much joy. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have any more emotions or action. On the contrary, from the moment the foundations of a solid relationship are laid, you will have passionate moments.

Those who have been alone so far will have to get used to taking into account the opinion of their life partner; it will no longer be just “me” but “us”. When the planet Jupiter moves to the house of love for rams in July, it will bring with it the luck and pleasures you will need. The second part of the year will be full of opportunities and fun. You will put aside your family concerns and immerse yourself in joy as a child.

The influence of the planet Venus on your career will be seen from the beginning of the year: if you wanted a change of image, more creativity, total involvement, the time has come! But you will not have to miss the start of the first months of 2021, because in the second part you will lose the energy dedicated to work and you will leave room for personal pleasures, which will have a higher priority.

Recommendation: You have nothing to fear from the major changes that will come: the planets support you unconditionally, make you see things in depth, be full of creativity and passion.


If in the past year you have neglected your own needs and taken care of the problems of others, it is time to invest in something new: your life. This does not mean that you will show selfishness or indifference, but that you will have a greater strength to take care of your own needs and desires. It has been so long since you hardly even recognize the world in which you turn, everything has become much simpler.

This year you will focus on communication, work at work and daily routine. You want to do more sports, rest better and not work overtime. You will have many opportunities to socialize and learn new things, especially since July when the positive influence of the stars will make you optimistic, full of inspiration and hope.
As Saturn continues its journey into the house of love, you will have to face all fears or uncertainties about your relationship with your loved one. Maybe you will even face older loves and analyze the joys or failures of the past. Everything will clear up and, miraculously, make you attract or keep an amazing partner. You will only listen to what your heart requires and you will leave any precaution.

The carousel of the planets will have Mars in the house of work, so there will be much to do. You will be amazed at how much energy and creativity you will have. Luck is on your side, as is the art of speaking. To achieve your goals you will appeal to people’s feelings more than your mental. Even when you have major decisions to make, you will have to rely more on flair, because intuition is one of the stars of this year.

Recommendation: You will continue to learn valuable lessons about integrity and commitment, whether it be love or work. You will see how important it is to ally yourself with those with whom you share the same values.


The year 2021 is a year when the results of your work will be very visible. You should take advantage of the first six months of the year because the house of money is influenced by Jupiter. In July you will receive some money either from a close relative or it is remuneration as a result of a project you have worked very hard since the beginning of the year. It would be good to keep some of this money for the dark days as well.

This year you will also make some changes in your career, which will positively influence the relationship with your life partner, which had been left on a secondary level lately. You will have a lot of energy and in addition to the usual home-work routine, you will also get involved in a series of projects that will require a lot of your intellect. The year 2021 is a year in which your life restarts. Your desire to communicate, to learn, to help people, helps you to find new career opportunities and, implicitly, to increase your income.

The couple’s life will take a major turn. As of February, things are starting to develop in a positive sense, so in love you will only have experiences full of romance and passion. You will also make all kinds of compromises in which you will put your life partner’s needs above your needs, which will bring you closer to your loved one. Passion will be paramount. You will live with maximum intensity every moment of your love life. If until now you wanted freedom, now you want stability, with great chances of marriage.

In the second half of the year, Jupiter leaves the house of money and moves into the house of education. Any investment in acquiring new knowledge will prove extremely profitable.


This year you will be more willing than ever to take on responsibilities that you could successfully honor. Jupiter is in your house, and if you are expecting a financial gain now is the time. With each passing day you will find that your financial situation is improving.

You want to do something for yourself, maybe a change in the circle of friends. You’re a little tired of holding on to those who continue to disappoint you. So, if you have to end a relationship of any kind, then this year is good for something like that. But you must know that diplomacy is an advantage that you should not miss.
This year you will be focusing a lot on the relationship with the life partner who is getting closer. Love makes you more tolerant of those around you. If you are not married, you may be given a declaration of love by a person you do not expect.

Kindness and hard work could be the key to this year’s success. That doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. And good coordination of things can be rewarded sooner or later. Relationships with colleagues and your bosses will improve. This does not surprise you, because you put a lot of effort last year to earn their respect.

Recommendation: It is advisable to set your priorities from the beginning of the year so that you do not waste your time. You need to make time for more rest. Keep calm and optimistic because this year the changes you will make will be beneficial for you.


For those born in the sign of Leo, the year 2021 will start favorably in all areas, but more attention will be needed in dealing with others. If in the past years you were used to exaggerating and taking things to extremes, it’s time to make a change in your life. You will have to resort to diplomacy and compromise in order to keep in touch with those close to you.

If lately you have tried to make changes related to personal life, in 2021 the level of desire for change will be much more pronounced. Self-knowledge will play a very important role in the decisions you will make during the year you just stepped in.

This year will be sprinkled with good luck and many new opportunities in all areas, including love. You may be very possessive, and the depth of feelings may not be as pronounced as before. Even if you are offered love, you show selfishness and do not share the same feelings with your loved one. However, things will change, the sentimental plan will take a favorable turn and over time you will notice that you have overcome a new level of strengthening the relationship.

The positive influence of the planet Jupiter will ensure a special career, you will find new opportunities to assert yourself, and the people around you will finally discover the qualities and potential you have. Travel will become a very important component of your career development. You will be amazed at how many positive connections can be created by a simple trip abroad, under the protection of the planet Jupiter. It is the right year to broaden personal and professional horizons.

Recommendation: Everything is going well, but for this to have a constant character throughout the year, certain sacrifices and changes on your part are needed.


You have just gone through a year of vacations and relaxation, where things will go exactly the way you want and nothing can stand in your way. Even if you are known as a person dedicated to work, this year will bring a radical transformation in this regard. It is the year in which you will be able to put into practice the multitude of ideas and desires accumulated over time, without encountering any deadlock. Also, the thinking and communication skills will be more intense than ever.

Money and debt will also be key points this year, given that you don’t know how to manage your expenses. It may seem that last year you failed to keep a line of balance financially, but this year you will try to get back on the floating line, especially since you have finally realized that a balanced budget means a lot. , for you and your family. Try not to over indebted for insignificant things.

Sentimentally, this year will bring about a continuation of the changes you started a while ago. You will experience new experiences and feelings, completely different from those experienced so far. Regarding the current relationship, things will evolve very well throughout the year due to the involvement and feelings, whose intensity is increasing.

The year 2021 will prove to be a fruitful and career year, with professional talents and dedication being finally recognized by the superiors at fair value. So, if until recently you had a hold, it’s time to support your point of view and ask for a promotion to a better paid position.

Recommendation: You have to take the attitude and show the people around you why you are capable. Don’t rely on winnings from heaven, you’ll have to work for every penny.


This year will be characterized by radical changes, when you ask yourself questions about balance, justice or beauty. You will feel in your element learning new things about art, diplomacy or the art of compromising.

If last year you were a sad and lonely Libra, do not be afraid, in 2021 you will certainly not be alone! You will find the right person to start with and the relationship will take on new dimensions through which you can already see promising prospects for the future. You are full of optimism and you have great confidence in what is waiting for you from now on. Maybe you are already making common plans, maybe it is the moment when you prove, definitively and irrevocably, your serious intentions for the future, so it is a period full of positive energy and hope.

However, if there are problems in the relationship, this is due to pride, which none of you want to give up. If you manage to be more tolerant of each other, you will be able to maintain the relationship. It may be worth the effort.

Your career continues to flourish even in 2021, bringing you more and more confidence in your own strengths. You can earn large sums of money, you can be offered a tempting offer to start a business, you can receive promising news for the future, or there can be very profitable opportunities for you. In the second part of the year, Jupiter will help you to enhance your creativity and skills, to take advantage of the conjunctions that put you in an advantageous light. It can urge you to explore, to experiment, to look for new professional openings.

Recommendation: You will have moments when close people will tend to put you on a pedestal and you will see the effort of the last years rewarded. But if you fail to make a proper order of priorities, the balance may change at your expense.


The year 2021 is at least as intense as 2013. All the attempts you have made in the past do nothing but strengthen you and give you hope that the year 2021 will be a better one, in which the main goal is to change for the better. The metaphor of the Pheonix bird reborn from its own ashes suits you very well. You want to live your life to the fullest and you will be willing to compromise.

You are ready to face all the trials that will arise during this year. You are about to enter a phase where you reflect on the values ​​you have, reach new levels of maturity, which you will test every day.

On a sentimental level, you feel the need for stability, something serious, a long-term commitment, maybe a marriage. Even if you want something stable you are still unbelieving and continue to test the devotion of the person next to you. Intimacy is the thing you most want and for which you would be willing to make many sacrifices.


2021 may turn out to be one of the most social years you have ever had. The isolation you endured the previous year will be replaced by a high dose of empathy toward family members, friends or acquaintances. So far you have not needed the appreciation and help of friends more than this year. You will need to put all your limits to the test and you will certainly overcome them, and with the help received from family, friends and acquaintances, you will not fail.

Your financial situation looks incredibly bright in 2021, perhaps due to the “lucky” involvement of Jupiter. This is a year where you can substantially increase your income as well as your bank accounts, so don’t worry about diminishing them. You will have a special and at the same time spectacular holiday starting this summer.

The areas of romance and friendship are hard to come by because of the way you perceive and differentiate between love and friendship. The key to success is to put more friendship into love and more love into relationships with friends. Although it seems ironic, the more you focus on relationships with friends and everyday affairs, the more intense your relationship with your loved one will become.

Venus, the planet that governs your financial situation, may make you some unpleasant surprises in the first month of the year, but be careful, from February everything will go normal, and the financial situation will improve considerably. Thanks to the motion of Jupiter, you will have the good fortune and the opportunity to broaden your horizons and progress both professionally and personally.

Recommendation: The year 2021 seems to be the ideal year for the realization of your long-term plans and dreams, a year of professional and personal fulfillment.


Prepare for an extraordinary 2021 professionally. This year can easily be one of the most successful years so far, thanks to a great contribution of planetary energies, which seem to push you from behind and help you advance to the next level in terms of professional goals. With the movement of the planet Venus, you can expect some moments of tenderness in the couple’s life, as well as some possible financial gains.

Family life and domestic issues are also a priority for you in 2021. It is time to detach yourself from all the stress you have accumulated and live in a state of peace and peace of mind. You will avoid conflicts with family members more than ever and try to move away from the tense atmosphere around you.

This year begins with the retrograde movement of the planet of love and beauty, Venus. This will make you more nostalgic, thoughtful about your relationship. Older loves could appear in the landscape, probably with some unfinished accounts. The current year is the end of the negative cycles so far and can be crowned with a harmonious commitment.

The professional effort made in recent years, in which you seem to have been pushed from behind by Pluto and Saturn, will bring you many achievements and joys this year, the financial rewards being just the beginning of success. Don’t worry about the high workload at the beginning of the year, because you are the best and you will succeed. Your achievements are fully deserved and this year the planets bring you great opportunities to excel.


If you have enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the home so far, in 2021 the focus will be on travel and you will have to prepare, because unprecedented adventures await you. Even if sometimes it will only be about travel in a figurative way, the joy of expanding your horizons of knowledge will encompass you throughout the first half of the year. It may be about learning a foreign language or continuing education.

Jupiter will keep you busy and you may even wonder if you will ever get a breather. Fortunately, starting in July, the focus shifts to relationships and all other issues take a back seat.

Travel and romance will intertwine this year, with the chance to fall in love with a person far away or with someone you will meet on a trip. Maybe you will only fall in love with that country! Summer will come with a crazy spirit of generosity and playful spirit. Your romantic life will look more like a playground than a battlefield, with no power-taking games or domination attempts.

Career goals will play an important role in the thoughts and actions of 2021. The stars will support you: in July, Jupiter will move into the partnership sector, helping you to associate with exactly the people you will need. You will choose in your team those who will complete your skills and blur the weaknesses.

Recommendation: 2021 is not a year in which to show your loneliness tendencies, because you will have to demonstrate your skill in making certain groups collaborate and adapt to dynamic changes. Another aspect to keep in mind is that of diplomacy: you will have to avoid those spontaneous starts and breathe as much detached air even in tense moments.


The abundance of feelings of love continues even in 2021, even though it may not be about crazy love, but just about how you receive everything around you. The wonderful influence of the planet Jupiter continues until July and will make you feel like you have the joys of childhood again.

You will know how to express your ideas, feelings and even come up with an artistic side that you have not really noticed so far. From the moment you gain a vision, it will take very little until it becomes a reality.

On a sentimental level you will know how to enjoy either the person next to you or to light a new flame of love. Your desire to be pampered will be shared by your partner, who will do everything to create pleasant moments for you. You will, however, have to learn some lessons about commitment, passion or face some fears that you have not overcome before.

Although you are a free spirit, in 2021 you will need to focus your energy on certain career goals that you have postponed until now or even neglected. This does not mean that you will have to move away from that land of dreams that you sometimes like to disappear, but you will even have to put into practice those amazing visions. You will be a master of transforming dreams into profit, with planet Neptune alongside.

Recommendation: Abundance and wealth will be your close friends this year and you will not be able to complain that you are bored. Everything will unfold at such a dizzying pace that you will have to make an effort not to sink at some point. The key to staying on the waterline will be a rigorous programming of the time you have available, both from the family point of view and the realities of work.

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