How will the year 2021 be for Aquarius?

Between March 23 and July 2 you will feel an influence that will become predominant in the coming years. It was a fourteen-year period in which your interest focused primarily on human relationships and social life.

As you set out to build an external world, your internal processes may have gone unnoticed. From now on, a period will begin in which you look inward and restructure your self where necessary. Regardless of the duration, this will be a time of contemplation and self-examination. The better you know yourself in the coming years, the more successful you will be.

It is often the emotional nature that seems to overwhelm the individual, especially if he or she is already dealing with a difficult situation, but any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife can be difficult to control. Sometimes it seems that an activity, person or theme eclipses all the others in self-expression and sets the tone for that year. The nature of the subconscious can grow disproportionately with the rest of the psyche. In some cases this could be a beneficial development.

Those who compose songs may need this feeling to create a key. Those who work with sick children need to function at a high level of compassion in an emotionally charged environment. But in other situations, psychological stress can cause a great imbalance in the psyche or lifestyle of the individual. Those in these situations may feel immobilized. Some are unable to function without the support of a therapist and difficult emotional issues and anxieties may worsen this year. Strong feelings appear for no reason, especially if Mercury is badly looked after in the sun.

Despite what is happening, things are not as bad as they say. Optimism and a sense of divine protection help to overcome all fears and give encouragement. The inner state associated with meditation, spirituality, or religion can be especially comforting. But keep in mind that both the use and the abuse of spirituality can occur as a result of this. Some may be able to interpret ethical situations and abuse spiritual concepts for the sake of personal gain. This is done quietly, behind closed doors, and the truth may never come to light.


This year, money will be the way for you to implement your plans and achieve your goals. Your finances will often be subject to unexpected situations; you may have sudden gains or losses depending on the aspects. Usually earnings come through friends, organizations or occupations and unique ways. Your attitude towards money can change completely during the year.

You will feel generous, but you will like to have control over your finances. This is a good year to capitalize on your partnerships. Speculation is not recommended. In the relationship with the banks you can get the desired amounts. In this sense, take into account the periods of Mercury’s demotion: February 18-March 10; June 19 – July 12 and October 16 – November 3. To understand to what extent and in what area of your life these aspects affect you, consult the retrograde Mercury report, available free of charge, on the website.


During this transit you will need to look for the sudden changes that cause you to express yourself as an individual and force you to be yourself. A sudden challenge that comes from outside may force you to take more responsibility in your relationship with your partner. Typical effects of this influence would include sudden events related to the people who matter in your life and you will have to change the course of your actions; changes in relationships can occur especially if you or your partner did not feel free enough in the relationship; Health issues can occur that start suddenly and are generally quite difficult to fit into a classic treatment regimen.

So far, you have built a life that you consider valid and achievable from a practical point of view. Most adults have given up on certain ideas and goals because they find them impossible. You have probably given up important parts of yourself to adapt to your relationship. The energies thus suppressed are behind the manifestation of this influence. The hidden pressure needs to be released, but you may feel that these events are happening to you rather than causing them. What is happening now is overcoming those things that prevented you from being free.

On the one hand, you may suddenly realize that due to the circumstances that have developed in recent years, you cannot do what you want without making a series of changes. There may be limiting circumstances in your personal life such as a love affair that does not work properly or problems with parents. In any case, certain obstacles prevent you from doing what you have to do and you will revolt against these situations.

If you do the right thing in your life, these events will be just tests that you will pass successfully. But if you find that these energies are beyond your control then you should think about what changes you need to make either to minimize their effect or turn them into positive ones.


This year, the structures (and especially the career-related aspects) that you have built in your life will be challenged more than ever by circumstances. Areas or people in your life that you thought you could rely on and that you thought you could depend on may give in and you will be forced to make many changes. You will probably have the feeling that it is difficult for you because you do not know what to expect in the next moment.

What actually happens is that the hidden tensions in your world are released. Whether it’s a release in an employment relationship (to the point where it suddenly breaks) or in business where a problem spontaneously comes to the surface between you and your employer or a figure who represents authority, give in your body where long-hidden and ignored tensions can now cause you discomfort.

During this year you may find that you don’t actually know what you thought you knew. This influence reveals aspects of your life that you did not consider and usually this happens through a sudden event that does not fit into the pattern of your life. This happens now and for the most part through interactions with others in your close relationships or with enemies.

The physical tension that this influence confers is one of the most difficult manifestations and in order to avoid its effects on your body, you must determine what causes it and release it. It is much better for you to externalize this influence than to feel it internally. What can happen to the physical is your response to what is happening in your outside world.

But you are not “hurt” without purpose. This influence tells you that you do not have all the answers about reality and that there is still room to grow. Look at the situation this way and assimilate what you are shown. The more you oppose and try to deny what is happening now, the more difficult it will be for you. Adapt and keep your originality.

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