Is 2021 a Bad Year for Aries?

The year begins with challenges, I would call them, top, for your zodiac sign, as long as the sun does not rise well in 2021 and the highest astral segment, that of career, of the role assumed in society, but also of relations with the authorities hosts five serious planets.

That’s what I will call it for Aries, the Year of Challenges! January is one of the most important months of this year for you, those who know your Debut Sign. If you start with the right, I am convinced that you will have a good direction all year round.

We have important issues since the beginning of the year. You should know that the good news is that the lucky Jupiter, Santa Claus of the Zodiac, remains in this high position until December 20 and will help you whether you like it or not, given the squares, also called dynamic aspects, which he will do with your native Sun.

On January 5, Jupiter is on the same level as Karma, also positioned on the quarry house and if long ago, in the past, maybe even in a previous life, you did a good deed or you worked and you were not rewarded, it now happens to give , not by chance, over that hidden treasure, your reward for what you have not appreciated in a long time. So, let’s start with a bonus!

The phenomenon of 2021 also takes place in January, also on this culminating house, which will set huge standards, extends throughout the month, but has a maximum degree on January 12. It is about the historical conjunction between two astral monsters, Saturn and Pluto, in the sign of Capricorn, which in general and globally causes huge changes in the direction of mankind at the political, geographical, terrestrial, land resources, geopolitical, but also many professional, economic fields, as an effect of some decisions taken by high forums or negotiations between the great powers.

This aspect, for an ordinary Aries, generates obvious changes of direction in your career and in terms of socio-professional relations, helping you to reposition yourself, obviously on a higher level. You can make decisions about yourself, you can take exams, you can get positions, because Saturn determines, relative to age, reaching a professional peak, which can last a long time and well.

You can authorize yourself, you can obtain from the state patents, licenses, visas, citizens, employment rights, obviously also for those who do not live in the country of origin, you can change your career, you can change it due to towers of destiny related to other family members.

Because this astral house positioned on the sign of Capricorn is also related to the father, here may happen a takeover of a complex family activity, following events that I can not mention now, or on the contrary, you can get rid of a cross inherited from my father, as a result of the clear identification of your personal purpose, not related to the family and to the inheritance left by it.

Aries sits well independently, so at the beginning of this year you benefit from a huge energy to start a whole process of regaining a high goal, your personal, unaltered by other influences or debts. The transfer of capital from parents to children is genetically natural. The expression with the chip that should not jump very far from the trunk, defines the activation of those abilities not used by parents, but alive and present in the data set of the personality of the Aries child, not blindly follow wrong advice, influenced by ego or desire to keep the wealth in the family, parents or follow the wrong examples of parents.
A triggering element of your propulsion in this interesting evolutionary circuit described above, is the Lunar Eclipse of January 10-11, on the sign of Cancer that helps you realize who you are and what you want.

If last year we left the choice of Aries, depending on age and priorities, the two options related to family or career, this year, you have nowhere to go and you will have to not miss the professional opportunities, even if they are manifested domestically. 2021 will still be a lucky year for Aries, all Aries will have to do is to be persevering, not to give up, not to give up his dreams.

The axis of Destiny is still on the axis of Cancer Capricorn, which for you claims the need for balance between home, family and career. This aspect will be maintained until June 5 this year and you will have to close the stage in which you stayed at home, maybe raised a child, cared for a parent, took care of arranging a house or even close the natural stage in which you were cared for by your parents during your studies, and you will now make a living. These things that I say are not mandatory, but you may not soon meet the opportunities created by the clusters of good and revolutionary planets in the professional segment.

In 2021 we are no longer dealing with a Jupiter as lucky as in 2019, luck being conditioned by intention, merit and effort. Honestly, we don’t even have the blockage of Saturn from 2019, when we all waited for the outcomes that are hard to outline, thinking about all kinds of losses and damages. If you took the best of Jupiter in 2019 and overcame the obstacles of Saturn, now it should be easy for you.
This year we have a correct and rational scheme through which you can achieve what you propose following the well-known stages, no matter how uncomfortable they may be.

On January 10, Uranus on the money house becomes directly after a long demotion, makes positive aspects to the group of culminating planets mentioned above and thus generates the need for financial progress, the engine that is often the basis of professional evolution. I can say that Uranus in Taurus becomes responsible for the chances that you are not allowed to miss.

January 19-27 may be a time of turmoil, as Lilith is in an anarchic degree (the last degree of Pisces, but also of the Zodiac), thus ending a period of karmic release for you, which began last year after Easter. They were also very complicated days, I am convinced, and they could be related to fears, health, insecurity, insomnia, obsessions, conflicts, betrayals, blockages or even penances in certain segments of life or whatever was stuck to your mind without giving you peace. You may be wondering when reading this rather motivational beginning of the horoscope, what do I mean, do I not know what is in your mind and soul? This release occurs naturally, once every 9 years and has the role of cleansing.

On January 27 you get rid of stress, but you have to be careful because by October 21, 2021 Lilith or the Black Moon, the famous temptation and energy that throws you from one extreme to another, enters Aries and can create the effect of “escape like a rifle ”. If until now something has kept you in the “ropes” not allowing you the freedom to do what you want, there is a risk to celebrate liberation, by falling into certain passions, vices, to start smoking for example or to get a bad habit.

For nine months, from now on, Aries women can become more impulsive, more vulgar in some cases, more capricious, more changeable. They can become temptations for men, even married ones, especially when they join new groups. Men can also become more impulsive, more subject to vices, not knowing at some point how to explain a getaway, as soon as it came from an impulse difficult to control.

The same Lilith emphasizes in some cases self-love, but also selfishness. It makes it difficult to see oneself and can lead to some hasty decisions by cosmetic surgery, where this is not the case. And if that were the case, this is not the time. These cosmetic interventions are not auspicious under the influence of Lilith. Injuries can occur to the physical body, especially in the area of ​​the head and arches, in the chin, where visible scars, burns, but also overload of the eyes that lead to increases or decreases in diopters. Some can start all sorts of things that they don’t finish, getting bored easily.

From October 21, Lilith will enter the house of money for the next 9 months and you will have to resist the temptation to spend, to remain totally financially exposed at certain moments.

In 2021, both Venus and Mars, the planets responsible for love, attraction, passion or establishing relationships, will be retrograde. Thus, Venus will remain for 4 months, between April 4 and August 8, in the area of ​​communication for you, whether it is related to personal or professional life, with the small vices for which Venus is responsible for retrograde. Beyond the seductive note that Venus adds to your communication, this planet favors signing contracts, selling or buying some goods you need, small opportunities on the road, in other localities, but also courses or exams.

Venus helps you to establish a useful correspondence with certain people, to reconcile with siblings, to job interviews or to make a good impression in activities where you speak or write. Last but not least, Venus in Gemini gives the Aries a flirtation, more or less guilty, and may even enter into a few dialogues with love accents with someone other than his life partner. There will be a correspondence between Aries and other people, in which much will be said, but little will be done. Venus will make this route on the zodiac sign and the astrological house where Destiny from June 5 will be, so we are probably talking about predestination.

Mars, on the other hand, has been preparing an entire epic since June 29th when it enters your zodiac sign, from where it plans to leave in January 2021. This long transit is due, as I said, to a demotion between September 9th and November 13th. . As if it wasn’t enough that you had Lilith or the Black Moon, between January 27 and October 21, now comes Mars, which completes the arsenal of three pistols that you will always have loaded with you.

One pistol = Mars + 2 pistols = Lilith. Bullets are enough, considering that the shooting is also taking place on the Martian range. From the middle of the year, the aggressive crosses will be restored several times, and Aries, if not caught in them, can at least be caught in a fight, a project against the clock, a competition, with a lot of fire, fuel consumed and a lot of energy transferred others. Other less favorable aspects are related to burns, injuries or possible intracranial problems that require MRI. Cataract surgery may be required, but I don’t think 2021 is the best year for diopter correction surgery. The difficulty of the appearance is always given by the duration, not necessarily by the transit of some planets.

Aries needs not to take certain changes of fate personally, but to look for solutions in the most unforeseen situations.
We have changes of scenery in 2021, and one of them is related to the temporary entry of Saturn in the sign of Aquarius between March 23 and July 2. It is true that the professional segment for Aries is still free, maybe you get used to the difficulty, maybe you finish some projects, but at the end of March and beginning of April, two sets of conjunctions Mars / Saturn and Jupiter / Pluto in the socio-professional sphere , can give another category of Aries the clear impetus to start activities on their own, to break away from the hierarchies in which they have evolved, but which limits their freedom of both movement and expression.

It starts a very good period to make a little order in your life, in the circle of friends, in the sense of reducing the free time spent with friends and I am referring here to the youngest. Others will not have time, although you will want to change a word. The focus will be on identifying hobbies that can be turned into professional activities with financial gains, you will go in search of vocation, you will like to get more involved in the area of ​​philanthropy, organized help you can offer, thus creating a different network of relationships than you’ve had before. There are still some of you who will want to have access through competition in Ministries or even international organizations, thus launching you to big projects.

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