Is 2021 a good year for Taurus? Will Taurus be lucky?

The 2021 horoscope for the Taurus sign shows that this year you will have more energy than usual. Don’t waste it, because it won’t last forever. Do something really important.

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The predictions of the 2021 horoscope made by Horoscope Annuel, show that if you are looking for your great love, this is the lucky year. Love will consume a lot of your time and energy this year. If you are already in a relationship, your sex life will take on a new impetus. The relationship with the partner will pass into a new phase, more passionate, even, than at the beginning. It is a favorable year for conceiving a child. You need to express your feelings better if you want to have a successful relationship.

Don’t miss any opportunity to travel and in new social environments, because important meetings are waiting for you, with people who share your passions. Get out of your comfort zone a little, try something new, because you may discover hitherto unknown abilities in you.


In the professional field, forecasts warn that a complicated year could follow. Many times you will feel that you are right and your boss is wrong. If you do not want to create problems, you will have to find a way to express your opinions without offending.

This year, you should work on professional relationships because your goals are not really impossible to achieve. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


In 2021, you should set a clear goal related to money. If not an important purchase or a special trip, at least aim to end the year with a certain amount saved to take advantage of later. And you have to do this because, throughout this year, your money will slip through your fingers easier than usual. According to Chinese astrology, the year 2021 is represented by Metal Ox, a zodiac sign very similar to the bull in many ways. The information found on the www.HoroscopeChinois.Guru website tells us that most people will be lucky in the money next year. The condition is that each of us to strive and really want to make money.


The forecasts for 2021 are in the sense that everything depends on the diet you will adopt. If you eat healthy and moderate, you have all the chances to be toned and energetic all year round.

If, stolen by the rhythm of life, you keep jumping over the tables, you will feel finished before you have something to materialize. At the end of the year, you will be tired anyway, no matter what you do. But that, only as a result of many activities and many efforts that you will make throughout the year.

Taurus, the sign of love and beauty, is ruled by the planet Venus. If you are born in the sign of Taurus, it means that at the time of your birth the sun was next to the constellation of Taurus. However, in order to determine a person’s personality traits, it is not only the position of the sun at the time of its birth that is important, but the position of all the planets in the solar system. For this reason the Astrogram is calculated and interpreted.

  • Element: Earth
  • Type: Fixed
  • Sign: Yin (Receptive)
  • Associated day: Friday
  • Governor: Venus

Qualities: pragmatism, with his feet on the ground, attentive to the physical body and physical needs, can be lustful, organized and structured, which works best according to a predetermined plan and a well-defined structure, great art lover or even art creator , knows how to love extremely beautiful, has a lot of good taste.

Defects: he can be a follower of the routine, he can get out of the routine very hard, lacking spontaneity, when he is taken out of his habits he can become anxious, he can be extremely greedy or even an eater. Being a fixed sign, it can be comfortable and inflexible to change.

Their personality is recognized as stubborn, and it depends only on the native what he will do with this stubbornness: he will use it to engage in conflict, or he will use it as a catalyst for the goals he sets for himself personally. and in the career? Unlike the Aries man, for whom stubbornness is motivated by the desire to show that he is the alpha male, for the Taurus man stubbornness has more to do with self-preservation, with maintaining and following his own value system, rather than prove something to someone.

Being an Earth sign, Tauruses are often abstracted from everything that means comfort and stability. Both at work and in love relationships, you will see that Taurus are the happiest where there is security and stability, they are not followers of change, making major reconversions only in extreme cases.

Perseverance is one of the defining character traits of Taurus

This is the reason why for them no task is too meticulous or impossible to accomplish. They have a special endurance and resistance, they give the impression that no one and nothing can bring them down.

Unlike Scorpio natives, who are also representatives of fixed signs, Taurus are more attracted to worldly aspects, which can be commonplace aspects such as food, money or comfort. Therefore, if for example Scorpios can move when they are motivated by a spiritual transformation, for Taurus the motivation can be more worldly. For example, a Scorpio would be motivated to change jobs for another to develop more, while a Taurus would change for a better salary.

Taurus natives like to cook and eat, they like romance and flirtation and have a passion for quality in general. What they hate are, by default, poor quality things and relationships, and everything that can take them out of the comfort they love so much.

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