Is Rabbit Lucky in 2021?

In 2021, the Rabbit must keep its ears pricked so as not to lose its luck! In the year of the Rat, all the representatives of this zodiac sign in the Chinese horoscope will have positive emotions, romantic moments, favorable circumstances, the support of friends, considerable financial improvements. Prompt reaction, dexterity, the ability to adapt quickly to an unusual situation and attention to detail will allow the Rabbit to achieve extraordinary success in 2021!

In the year of the Metal Rat, the polite, sociable and friendly Rabbit will easily find the way to the human soul and to its success. In 2021, he will succeed in turning all his plans into reality. At the same time, innate caution will not allow the Rabbit to risk and endanger his well-being. The calculated approach is to the liking of the Rat – it will bring the Rabbit in 2021 a lot of gifts and pleasant surprises!

Love and Relationships

In 2021 the Rabbit will use its popularity without hesitation and will flirt continuously! Only the married representatives of this sign in the Chinese horoscope should take more care with this pleasant activity. Single natives can shake their heads, flirt and fall in love indefinitely – The Rat promises that in his year, the Rabbit will have extraordinary emotions, wonderful feelings and crazy passion in relationships with the opposite sex. The Chinese horoscope 2021 recommends for rabbits, who are looking for their half, to listen to their hearts – one of the many romantic encounters could change their lives, bringing them happiness in love. And then the time will come to calm down and think about serious changes on a personal level!

The rabbit has an amazing talent for making friends and in 2021 this ability will be of great use to him. Through useful friends and acquaintances, the governor of the year, the Rat, will allow him to get everything he thinks is most important – the feeling of security, peace of mind, comfort, family warmth.

Career and Finance

The rabbit loves money and this love is usually mutual. In the year of the Rat, the Rabbit will have the opportunity to improve its financial situation. It can be anything – from proposing a new job to receiving an inheritance. The rat will endow the rabbit natives with determination, with the ability to think differently and with a lot of energy, so that they can get involved with confidence in new projects – in 2021 all the changes will be for the better! However, the stars do not recommend them to do more than one at the same time – it would be good to set one important goal and take care of its achievement.

Under the influence of the dynamic trends of 2021, the Rabbit’s business circle will change almost completely. The rabbit will be surrounded by people with the same vision, with whom any new project will seem totally achievable. From friendly support he will draw his energy for next year’s achievements.

The life of the Rabbit in 2021 will be rich in happy events. Under the careful guidance of the Rat, he will advance with confidence on the social scale and will realize profitable projects, which will enrich him in the coming years.

At the same time, the Chinese horoscope advises the Rabbit to stay with his feet on the ground – no matter how well he does, it would always be good to have some reserves for tomorrow. And the surplus of financial resources, which the Rabbit will certainly accumulate in 2021, would be good to be invested in land or real estate. In this way, the rabbit’s aspiration towards a stable and prosperous life in the future will be realized.

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