Jupiter in Aquarius 2021

We complained that 2019 was a difficult year and then came 2020 which made 2019 look wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚ A meme circulated the other day that 2020 felt like 5 years full in 2 weeks. What can we expect in 2021?

2020 was a year ruled by cardinal signs, the “party” of Capricorn, the North Node in Cancer, Mars in Aries. These signs are the initiators of the zodiac, the ones that bring us new beginnings and stages and here they are not disappointed that we had so much new and uncertainty that we are no longer sure of anything.

2021 instead is governed by changeable and fixed signs, and this means that we will have many changes, instability, but we can start slowly, slowly to stabilize what we started in 2020.

Age of Aquarius

Many astrologers agree that the Age of Aquarius will begin on December 21, 2020, when there is a rare conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius.

Jupiter has been traveling close to Saturn since 2000, for 20 years the two have been working and preparing us for the new era, and for many, the year 2000 meant the beginning of an intense process of spiritual evolution!

This conjunction will bring a new beginning both for humanity, but also for each one on a personal level depending on the area of โ€‹โ€‹the map that is activated.

The great conjunction will help us redefine our society and social role for the next 20-30 years and indicates a new chapter. We begin to prepare the ground for the new world until the Pluto mansion in Aquarius arrives to help the true rebirth, that is, in 2024.

This means that we still have a lot to restructure, especially in terms of power, control, limitations, especially institutions, authorities, laws, rules, politics, governments, hierarchies, company structures, corporations, high-level economy or various systems, among others. which and the monetary one (Capricorn).

Jupiter and Saturn will have squares with Uranus (the governor of Aquarius). Things may continue to seem uncertain, but at the same time there is a sense of evolution, of newness, of change that always carries this feeling of insecurity. We make the transition between old (Taurus) and new (Aquarius), traditional and modern, stable and disruptive.

In 2021, the problems will persist with the authorities, with the rules, with the structure of our society, with the afferent chaos for the passage from the old world to a new one, but also with the limitations and restrictions imposed versus freedom, and with them more protests and riots (especially due to financial problems). Being a quadrature, two contrasting forces, we will need to find a balanced way to integrate restrictions and freedom, we will need to change our vision of the future.

Another theme signaled by the quadrature may be that of the needs of humanity and the resources of the Earth.

The 20-year cycle of Jupiter-Saturn represents a new stage, a new structure, new leadership models, new systems, a new world order.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius – Equality, fraternity, freedom!

I think that in 2021 we will pay even more attention to environmental issues, to the Earth we live on and the way we treat it, to pollution, to the real use of alternative energy in all fields (electricity, solar panels, electric cars and new fuel sources and everything related to renewable energy, green, non-polluting, energy waves โ™’๏ธ).

I look forward to discovering new forms of energy and healing technologies (medical – with a stronger emphasis on the connection between health and the way energy flows through the meridians of our body), but also more connections with evolved beings from other dimensions.

On the other hand, many professions are already and will be eliminated in the future, many will be digitized and replaced by various technologies.

Aquarius sees things that no one sees, has extreme intelligence, maybe brilliant – where brilliant means to think fresh, to see old problems in a different way, is the ability to think what we have not been taught to think.

There follows a period in which the Mind means Power – materialization with the mind, energetic and less physical.

Because Aquarius has a strong social component, the way we relate has already changed and will continue to change. The danger here is like one of the Archetypes of Aquarius: Exile.

The symbol of Aquarius looks like two waves, water, but in fact they are snakes – the symbol of knowledge, of freedom. That is the purpose of Aquarius, freedom, individuality, the ability to choose your path, to do what you want, to be a figure of authority. Our freedom can be easily compromised by comfort, socialization, the desire to be accepted. Aquarius does not compromise, he is firm when it comes to his freedom, he is loyal to his truth, he is out of sync with the values โ€‹โ€‹and motivations of the community he belongs to. Too much of this extreme means loneliness, which we already feel, we have fewer real connections, we no longer touch, we no longer hug, children play more alone, no longer socialize, they are more and more in front of the screens through school online. The danger? Dehumanization, let’s turn into emotionally underdeveloped robots. On the other hand, the internet has brought us less privacy and it remains to be seen if things will degenerate even harder (you just have to talk next to the phone about kitchen furniture and hop your ad appears) or it’s time to make some changes.

The bright part of Aquarius that deserves all our energy in the years to come is respect for integrity, individuality and differences between us. Already 2020 has brought a chasm between us (with the help of the South Node in Sagittarius) and the differences of opinions and beliefs are very large, the camps divided, the wars and the non-acceptance at very high levels.

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