Mars Retrograde 2021

Every two years, Mars is in seemingly retrograde motion. But what does retrograde Mars mean in astrology and what effects does it have on us?

In astrology, Mars represents action, energy, determination, aggression, but also sexuality (male symbol). The “red planet” helps us fight for what we want – its positioning on the natal chart shows us in what areas we have the energy and strength needed to achieve our goals. (>> Mars in the 12 houses, in the natal chart) Mars is also associated with accidents, injuries and various violent events.

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Mars enters retrograde motion about once every two years, for 70-80 days. When Mars is retrograde, the energy level decreases. Maybe we are no longer very motivated or do not have the courage to act. Instead, we gather frustration within ourselves. It is very important not to direct all the energy (especially the negative) that gathers towards us. We need to find ways to unload – for example by doing sports. And not shedding our nerves on the people around us!

We begin a period of introspection: we think more about what we want and why we can’t get a certain thing. Depression, sexual problems and quarrels with your life partner can occur. Also, the projects we are working on may be delayed or it may even be necessary to analyze them and change direction. It’s like swimming against the current, nothing seems to succeed.

During this period, it is advisable not to start implementing certain plans, because they may be postponed or even not realized. The energy level is lower than usual, it is possible to have accidents or become violent, all these factors leading to depression or illness caused by stress. It is advisable to analyze – in this period of introspection – what we want and how we can achieve our goals, but to put our plans into practice only after Mars begins direct motion again.

To what extent does the demotion of Mars affect me?

The sign dominated by Mars is Aries. In traditional astrology, Mars rules Scorpio. Thus, the influence of Mars is felt most strongly by Aries and Scorpio, as well as people with ascendancy in one of these signs. People who have a large number of home planets in one of the two signs will also be affected.

In order to find out the domains affected by Mars (retrograde or not), we must analyze its position in the houses of the natal astrogram, but especially the house (houses) through which it transits and the aspects it forms with the native planets. It is also worth analyzing the houses that have the cusp (beginning) in Aries and Scorpio, because these areas will also be affected by the demotion of Mars.
Mars retrograde in astrological houses

When we analyze houses, the most important are the point where Mars “stops” and retrogrades and the point where the planet begins direct motion, ie out of retrograde. We need to find out in which sign and at what degree the demotion begins or ends and then find that place in the natal chart. After that, we see what house is in the natal chart in that place. Those who use an astrology program can make a comparative astrogram: the natal astrogram, compared to the transits of that moment.

Downgrade begins in house I:

A frustrating period is coming, because you lack the resources and energy to carry out your plans. Try to be patient and not rush anything. Be patient with other people, because there is a risk of arguing with them. Be careful not to get hurt.

The demotion ends in house I:

You went through a period of all kinds of procrastination, which frustrated you. Now, this period is over. Especially the problems that depended on seven people will be solved. You will be able to solve these problems yourself.
Mars retrograde in house II

Downgrade begins in house II:

It would be good to avoid any kind of financial speculation in the next period. Try to spend less money, because in the next period there will be no serious opportunities to earn. Even if they do show up, you’ll probably spend the money as fast as you can.

The demotion ends in house II:

If you have been having financial problems lately, now the situation will improve. It is important to “get rid” of projects that only consume your energy and to pursue a single goal – this will bring you satisfaction.
Mars retrograde in house III

Downgrading begins in house III:

There follows a period in which there are delays or even cancellations of some plans. The important thing is that by communicating with other people, you will find out exactly which plans are doomed to failure and which projects are worth starting. It is important to be patient and dose your energy.

The demotion ends in house III:

Lately, you have been going through various postponements or cancellations of some projects. These problems were necessary, however, because now you realize who and what you can rely on. Focus on one goal and fight for what you set out to do – satisfaction will not be long in coming.
Mars retrograde in house IV

Downgrade begins in house IV:

There may be various problems with your home or your priorities – maybe it’s even a person preventing you from doing something. It is important not to give in to despair. Try again and again until you succeed. However, take into account any risks that may arise, so that – at the end of the period – you can not talk about unpleasant surprises.

The demotion ends in house IV:

After a period when many did not seem to work, the situation is improving. It’s important to analyze yourself and figure out what you want, and what your strengths are – then use these skills to move forward. Focus on the really important projects and don’t waste your energy doing everything and nothing.

Mars retrograde in house V

Downgrade begins in house V:

There follows a creative period, full of initiatives and work. The projects you start will probably not be completed now – but it’s good that they exist, because you could come back to them later, when you feel good that some of the necessary work has already been done.

The demotion ends in house V:

You’ve been through a period of lack of creativity or where your creative plans have been turned upside down. The situation is starting to improve, but it is important to do what you want. Give up the projects you carry out out of obligation or because others want it.
Mars retrograde in house VI

The demotion begins in house VI:

The next period could bring problems at work, frustration leading to some physical or mental discomfort. Try to keep your humor and calm, do not give in to despair and stress. If you can change something, do it. If not – then don’t waste your energy, leave things as they are.

The demotion ends in house VI:

Probably in the last few days you have had all kinds of conflicts (especially related to work, career), but now the situation is improving. You may be offered all sorts of alternatives and it would be good to focus on one direction: choose the path you want to follow (or the person you want to go with) and don’t let other projects distract you. attention and or consume your energy.
Mars retrograde in house VII

The demotion begins in house VII:

There follows a period in which problems can arise in the couple, due to the accumulated frustration. It is important to realize that your partner is also trying to do his best and show you the respect he deserves. It is important to discuss: even if you do not solve the problems immediately, communication and trying to understand each other will be beneficial to the relationship.

The demotion ends in house VII:

Lately, you’ve probably had some trouble with your partner, but now they’re starting to go away. It is important to be patient with those around you and to focus on the really important things, on the principle of “Quality, not quantity”. It is possible for a relationship to advance to another level or to make some decisions about relationships with other people: to give up relationships that do not benefit you and to focus on the people you really need.
Mars retrograde in house VIII

Downgrading begins in house VIII:

Even if you are going through a period of financial problems, try not to ask for money or various loan items. Everything related to other people’s wealth does not benefit you now, because you will probably hardly be able to return that money or borrowed objects. If necessary, reinvent yourself, give up some things so that you don’t have to turn to others – at least until Mars comes out of demotion.

The demotion ends in house VIII:

If lately you have had problems with various loans, now the situation is improving. Try to focus on one project and invest your energy only to achieve it, do not waste it running after several rabbits. You will succeed and you may even enjoy the support of others.
Mars retrograde in house IX

The demotion begins in house IX:

You will probably have to change some of your plans, but even so, you will have a hard time completing them. It is important to focus on one thing and take care of all the details one at a time. Even if the results are expected at the beginning, make some compromises and in the end you will be able to solve the problems. Analyze the past, the beginning of problems, and set a clear direction that you want to follow – that’s the only way you’ll succeed.

The demotion ends in house IX:

You probably wanted to make some major changes in your life and your plans were turned upside down. Now is the time to implement what you want, but first “get rid” of everything that is not important. Choose only the most important projects and focus on them. You will have the energy and enthusiasm to achieve your goals.
Mars retrograde in house X

Downgrade begins in house X:

In the next period, various conflicts and problems related to your social status may arise. There are all kinds of power struggles, and it would be more important to survive than to win. If necessary, find another position in the whole problem, instead of fighting with others (and possibly making enemies). At the end of the period, the important thing is not who wins, but for you to still be “standing”.

Downgrade ends in house X:

You’ve probably been trying to improve your image lately or get a better place socially – which you haven’t been able to do. Choose a single goal to pursue, and by investing your energy in doing just that, you will succeed

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