Mayan Horoscope 2021

Watch carefully what zodiac sign you are in the Mayan calendar, depending on your birthday, and find out what it might say about you. The Mayan horoscope may contain some unknown details!

The Mayans used several calendars to divide time and to distinguish important stages in their lives such as sowing and harvesting grain or favorable times for weddings and for conceiving children. In astrology, they most often used the 18-month calendar and as such divided the zodiac into 18 signs.

Black Storm (January 2 – 21)

It is a nocturnal sign, active and productive, especially in the evening or late at night. It is an individualistic sign, which focuses more on itself and on its own interests.

Jade Storm (January 22 – February 10)

The natives of this sign are loving, affectionate and attached to the family. They are open to those around them and do not shy away when their help is needed. Their good and altruistic deeds will be rewarded and will count many friends throughout their lives.

Frog (February 11 – March 2)

People born during this period will need longer periods of loneliness and independence. They must learn to rely on their own strength when they go through difficult times and try to cope without the help of family or protective friends.

Deer (March 3 – 22)

The natives of this sign love peace and quiet, are affectionate and very protective of their loved ones. Sometimes they may even become annoyed with their desire to protect others from the hardships of life. The most important goal is not to lose love!

The Wall (March 23 – April 11)

The natives of this sign are selfish and closed people, they have very few friends and many of them fail to keep their families together. They need to learn to be more generous, to let go of their relationships with others and, most importantly, to appreciate what they receive. Fate will teach them a hard lesson if they can’t make compromises for their loved ones.

The dog (April 12 – May 1)

It is a sign that represents life, light and movement. Dog natives are dynamic, agitated, but positive. They are always looking for something new to improve their lives, they should travel more, because this way they will know themselves better. They need new experiences and it will not be difficult to find them!

Owl (May 2 – 21)

The Owl sign is a balance between fire and water, patient and strong, but very fast and vindictive, if necessary. Owl natives love truth and justice and cannot stand to be deceived, lied to or deceived. They will always do their best to get rid of people who are not honest with them, to end the relationships that have damaged them.

Puma (May 22 – June 10)

Strong, cunning and clever, the cougar has a strong spirit. She doesn’t let herself be knocked down, she knows how to hide and come to light to hunt again. The natives of this sign must use their hunting spirit and tenacity to build a new career or to advance to the job they already have.

Turtle (June 11-30)

The spirit of this sign is connected to the Moon, water and the universe. Turtle natives acutely feel any change, and their emotions amplify just like the waves before the storm. They are sensitive and easy to hurt. They need to find someone to protect their soul, a more loving life partner, a selfless friend or a clergyman.

The crocodile (July 1 – 20)

The natives of this have a very resistant spirit, they adapt to any conditions, they overcome any trouble and become stronger. They are not the kind of people who wait for a miracle to fall from the sky. They work hard to get what they want and will make special efforts to achieve a satisfactory material situation.

The Spirit (July 21 – 25)

It is a very short sign, like an opinion, like a ghost, a spirit that ignites sparks and goes out just as quickly. These days, nothing is balanced, everything is diluted, lost or wasted. The Mayans considered these 5 days from the middle of the year a threshold and a challenge. Those who were born in these days must always gather your strength to be strong. They can achieve something amazing, but they can also lose a lot!

The Jaguar (July 26 – August 14)

They are worldly people, as they say in the people, sociable, smiling and joking. But you can’t trust them completely, because they hide many secrets and guard them closely. Jaguar natives will do their best to advance in their careers, because a leadership position is the only one that can satisfy their thirst for power, by any means.

The air (August 15 – September 3)

This sign draws its powers and energy from the heights of heaven. It is a sign of light and sun. People born these days are sociable and have leadership qualities. They do great in any condition and like challenges. They always need a new activity, from which they can learn and which helps them to develop spiritually and professionally.

Red sky (September 4 – 23)

People born in this sign are related to air and fire, they are strong, active and penetrating people. They are domineering, but they must refrain from controlling the lives of others. They must be careful in everything they do, let their guard down in love and accept the ideas of others. Otherwise, they risk losing what they love most!

Bat (September 24 – October 13)

The natives of this sign have a strong intuition, they can handle all kinds of conditions, but they are attached to the environment in which they live. It is very difficult to change their lifestyle if they do not have great short-term benefits. Bat natives will always look for new businesses from which to make a good and safe profit, but they must also pay attention to the unity of their family.

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