Moon in Gemini 2021

While the Ancients used eclipses as milestones for a civilization or to start / end a war (dedicating special ceremonies), today they are seen as simple phenomena that seem to have no connection with our lives. The mysterious Eclipses, however, bring a strong energy shift, and the collective and individual energy is imprinted with new codes and information that bring changes in the external reality as well. They make a major change in the Earth’s electromagnetic field and form portals in which the wave between us and the Source thins, thus having easier access to information from the Universe, in which our connection with it feels much stronger.

Eclipses have a cosmic intelligence meant to align us with our destiny, because they are usually in close connection with the Lunar Nodes (they take place at a maximum of 18 degrees from them). Likewise, people born of the Eclipse have very predestined lives and something important to do: the Prophet Muhammad, Pope John Paul II, even Prince William and Donald Trump.

Eclipses are moments that can predict important events in our lives and can bring predestined conjunctures that can turn our lives 180 degrees, especially if they reach important points or planets on the map.

For the Middle of Heaven it can be a change in career, on the Descendant or Venus in relationships, on the Moon it can be a task or something related to home / family. These are moments when people appear or disappear from our lives, when we meet a partner, a marriage, a divorce, birth, death.

Eclipses can be like a reset button and come with a feeling that everything is starting to move very fast in a new direction.

Where does free will intervene in this whole story? In the way we choose to react to such events, through what we understand from them and what attitude we have and through the courage to respond to events that appeared out of nowhere.

Solar eclipses always bring beginnings, while lunar eclipses usually bring completions and completions. They occur in the same opposite signs for about 18 months.

Lunar eclipse in Gemini

We are currently on the Sagittarius – Gemini axis, and on November 30 there is a Lunar Eclipse at 8.38 degrees Gemini.

Ruled by Mercury, in Scorpio, the Eclipse comes to free us from patterns of thinking and beliefs that no longer serve us and to reveal the truth about certain hidden information, showing us things exactly as they are, without the curtain.

Topics from this period can be taboo: death, birth, mysteries, well-hidden secrets, occult, crises, extreme situations, especially related to relationships and money (we also have the active Venus-Uranus opposition). On a personal level, the way we socialize can affect our relationships, on a collective level.

The eclipses with the North Node still bring news about the future, so we can have a finality about an information, to find out another truth that opens a completely different path for the future and changes the trajectory of our destiny.

Usually the North Node is an energy that we do not master (compared to the South Node where we come from and where we have lived other lives and we have become familiar with it), it is beyond our comfort zone, we have to jump a little.

This time we must jump a little over the old barriers of the mind and open ourselves to new information and a new way of thinking.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury, the governor of this moon is in Scorpio, a sign that urges us to think deeply, focused, calculated, psychological, a sign very aware of the power of words and thoughts. He has a detective mind that constantly investigates and gathers information, sees the truth beyond the surface, is a lie detector and “bullshit” and seeks to reveal secrets and reach the end of the information.

The eclipse brings the opportunity to change a superficial way of thinking and understanding with a deeper one through which we face the truth and no longer look for excuses and ways to avoid it. The truth liberates and heals!

We now need a penetrating, strong mind and especially to realize how to use this tool correctly, because in this sign we find a great force of manifestation of thoughts.

Scorpio is the sign of rebellion, of great change, the instigator of change, of great psychological transformations, and his words can provoke this. Likewise, the information brought by this Eclipse can generate a transformative leap towards our destiny.

The good part is that he does not lose his temper in crisis and change situations, he can plan strategically and he is in control.

This Eclipse may come to tell you something that no one had the courage to tell you. Even if it upsets you, the words will have power over you and will make you transform, change, annoy you, but don’t forget or ignore them. It can show you the darkness inside you, but also how you can change it, how you are reborn in the light.

The less pleasant part of Mercury in Scorpio is that it is incisive and bites, it can manipulate through words, the mind becomes obsessive and flooded with fears, worries, paranoia and morbid, destructive scenarios. Moreover, his words become weapons and he is always ready for war, for battle, he sees a threat in everything you say and enters fight mode. In translation, we can close our perspective on receiving this new news, we can choose to fight them, consider them an enemy and let ourselves be flooded with fears until we become paralyzed, in short not to leave our minds flexible and open (Gemini) and to we stubbornly stay put (in the South Node).

Watch out for mental obsessions, keep the “steering wheel” on the positive, replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Eclipses are dark and we need to keep the candle burning. It’s time to train the mind like a soldier. And about soldiers…

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