Moon in Leo 2021

Around February 9, 2021, the Full Moon brings us the opportunity to agree on what we do with what we feel and to be successful in terms of the actions started in the last two weeks.

A Full Moon in Leo brings to the fore the need for uniqueness, control and mastery of our own lives, we want to stand out and display ourselves, we want our rights to be recognized and to get what we deserve. It is a good time for affirmation, demonstration of native qualities, artistic and creative expression, awareness of feelings, externalization of love, personal success, emotional fulfillment, finding happiness and inner balance. To discover native talents and abilities, to regain our confidence, will, ability to fight and lead as we want, to give the heart the opportunity to go after it longs and needs it. To make our presence known, to be considered at the true value we hold and manifest, to receive appreciation from those we admire, to reconcile our own needs with the collective ones, which makes us unique with the environment in which we live, individual achievements with the society and culture in which we live.

We may also realize that we have lost ourselves in the crowd, that there are other things we had to do, that our own interests have been ignored, our feelings do not receive back the expected answers, we no longer find the joy of living, we ourselves no longer have a place to be, our right to life has been annulled, we have left too much of us, our desires are not fulfilled, the power to decide and give orders decreases, and does not increase. Reality could show us that the time has come to put our foot in the door, to fight for what we want, like, love and love. Situations in which brightness and warmth have been diminished over time, limited rights or violated orders can lead to impulsive outbursts. Crises can also arise from selfishness, pride, ambition, grandiosity, as a result of the need to re-enter rights, to receive proper respect, but also due to opposition to certain acts of domination, submission and control. Events can lead to the release of certain constraints, activities, states, people, relationships, groups or ideas that limit personal power, do not satisfy desires or devitalize.

Now is a good time to create new opportunities, for a straight fight and direct actions full of passion and enthusiasm. Initiatives based on instinct are encouraged, from the need to regain rights or obtain recognition, from the need to overcome the limits imposed, to get out of certain situations, especially related to emotional fulfillment and financial gains, love, relationships, contracts , associations and personal benefits. Feelings, impulses and emotional impulses can still be too strong and full of intensity, so consideration for others and finding a suitable way to conquer, with the involvement of sensitivity and gentleness, are indicated. The more self-control is needed, the more confusing sensations, contradictory feelings can occur, and uncontrolled reactions can cause tensions in relationships. In principle, impulsivity and aggression should be avoided, but courage, confidence and inspiration should be used.

Areas of life in which intense emotional reactions, disturbing perceptions and sensations can take place, in which there is a need for individuality, merit, rights, attention, control, decision and personal power, in which events can bring ends, but in which courage, initiatives and the direct actions can open new directions, depending on the natal sign or Ascendant, are the following:


expression of individuality, recognition of merits, personal and creative power, love relationships, connection with children, play, artistic manifestations, pleasures, fun, hobbies


private and domestic life, privacy, covering the needs of the soul, place of origin, family, parents, parental home and one’s own, housing, real estate


interaction with the environment, entourage, relatives, friends, information, concepts, mentality, movement, short trips, socializing, communication activities, transactions


values, own resources, possessions, finances, personal talents and abilities, material accumulation and stabilization, income, expenses, personal comfort, standard of living


the course of one’s own life, identity and personal image, behavior, temperament, vitality, physical body, personality expression, appearance, image in front of others


isolation, loneliness, psychic energies, subconscious, sacrifices, self-help, faith, spirituality, occult research, secret relationships and activities, hidden people, providential help


circle of knowledge, community, organizations, corporate, protectors, popularity, love and appreciation received, social and humanitarian activity, the near future, business and large-scale design


social and professional goals, goals to be achieved, career, professional, success, social status, public image, fame, reputation, relationship with the authorities, social ascension


personal progress, perfection, studies, courses, exams, matters of law and judgment, travel, leisure, relationships or educational, spiritual, distance or internet activities


emotional balance, financial and emotional recovery, intimate and emotional relationships, received, external or common resources, loans, inheritances, sharing, psychic or occult investigations


personal relationships, units, marriage, life partner, collaborations, associations, conflicts, processes, confrontations, contracts, direct contact with ceilings


physical energy, daily routine, discipline and lifestyle, health, temporary illness, high workload, services, college relationships, obligations, responsibility

I wish you confidence, courage and success!

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