Native American Horoscope 2021

The Native American horoscope 2021 has as symbols 12 animals around which many legends revolve. In the past, he was a guide for Indian healers in North America. Depending on the period in which you were born, you have taken over the characteristics of the sign that governs you. Here is how it influences the symbol under which you are born the qualities and defects, but also what purpose you must pursue in life!

Native American horoscope signs

Vidra (January 20 – February 18)

Independent and active, this native is often seen by those around him as a nonconformist. Although he easily befriends other people, his stubbornness is not at all a white ball for him in interpersonal relationships. If you are born under this symbol, you still have to work on the chapters of tolerance and courage.

Best day: Saturday
Your purpose in life: to accumulate information

Wolf (February 19 – March 20)

The native is capable of strong feelings, easily moving from love and passion to hate. He is understanding at first sight, but when he is trampled on his tail, he becomes anxious and vengeful. Creativity is not one of his talents, so he still has work to do.

Eagle (March 21 – April 19)

The native is a spontaneous and full of life person. Over time, he has proven his leadership countless times. He does not allow himself to be easily led by other people, much less when he knows that he is right. The eagle is always ready to learn new things and likes to know that every day is a new adventure.

Best day: Tuesday
Your purpose in life: personal development

Beaver (April 20 – May 20)

This Native American horoscope symbol is persevering, hardworking and inventive. Although he tries to be an objective person, possessiveness and lack of flexibility affect this characteristic. He must take the initiative more often and try to be more open to both heart and mind, otherwise he will lose a lot of opportunities.

Best day: Friday
Your purpose in life: savings

Elan (May 21 – June 19)

The representatives easily manage to be liked by those around them. They are not used to refusing offers and know how to live their lives. Their sense of humor is their strong point, while laziness and instability are among their biggest flaws. In fact, concentration and perseverance are two aspects that need to be worked on more.

Best day: Wednesday
Your goal in life: organizing and expanding the circle of knowledge

Woodpeckers (June 20 -July 19)

The people represented by this symbol are protective and loving with their loved ones. They are romantic and show devotion to their partner, being considered trustworthy. But they must put more emphasis on forgiveness and avoid envy, otherwise they will fill their souls with resentment.

Best day: Monday
Your purpose in life: the assimilation of knowledge

Salmon (July 22 – August 21)

Salmon is one of the most creative natives in the American horoscope, showing passion and energy even in exhausting moments. The arrogance with which he is “endowed” drives away those around him, and the despotic spirit strengthens this. People governed by this symbol should stop criticizing those around them, be more tolerant and learn to control their negative emotions.

Bear (August 22 – September 21)

Modestly and practically, the native of this sign in the American horoscope manages to keep his feet on the ground regardless of the situation. Tolerance and optimism are not his strengths, and the desire to achieve perfection does nothing but upset him. He tends to work to exhaustion and criticize excessively, even when it is not the case.

Best day: Wednesday
Your goal in life: to pursue dreams with perseverance

Crow (September 22 – October 22)

Few people could say of the Corb native that he is not charming. He is idealistic, diplomatic and friendly, so he easily approaches people, managing to integrate into any group. However, he leaves much to be desired in terms of perseverance due to insecurity. The fact that he is used to hesitating affects him on all levels.

Best day: Friday
Your purpose in life: to maintain harmony

Snake (October 23 – November 22)

The snake, one of the most mysterious natives of the Native American horoscope, shows ambition and determination when the stakes are high. He has a rich imagination and feels the need to be original in everything he does. Impulsivity and stubbornness are among his greatest flaws, but the tendency to self-destruction should not be lost sight of.

Owl (November 23 – December 21)

Independence and adventure lover, Bufnita can’t stand monotony. The moment he feels that he is living a life without intense emotions, he loses his enthusiasm and tends to develop a depression. She must learn to put the family first and avoid greed.

Best day: Tuesday
Your purpose in life: to strengthen family ties

Goose (December 22 -January 19)

Hardworking and serious, the people represented by this sign in the Native American horoscope are ambitious and persevering when they set a goal. They do not give up their dreams easily, but fight until they are fulfilled. Pessimism, selfishness and rigidity are their biggest flaws. Natives must also learn to express their feelings and be more sociable.

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