Uranus in Aries 2021

The move of Uranus to Aries, after seven years in Pisces, brings a change of mentalities, a change of thinking and outdated conceptions. It brings originality and modernism to the extreme.

Summary of the discussion

  • Uranus is at the antipode of the classic, it is not the embodiment of ordinary things, so it will bring something out of the ordinary in people’s lives;
  • Uranus calls for protests, great social changes are implemented with the help of this planet;


  • Uranus gives the natives of Aries an unprecedented courage;
  • rams will also have major changes in life during this period;


  • for those in the sign of Taurus, Uranus will not bring an obvious change;
  • those in the sign of Taurus are supported by the entry of Jupiter in the sphere of relationships, so any change in sentimental plenum comes from Jupiter;


  • Uranus brings for twins changes in the chapter of friends – House of Friendship,
  • for Gemini 2010 is a very good year from a social point of view;


  • for Cancers it is a good year in which it has stability, and when Jupiter is in fish and when Jupiter is in ram;
  • Cancers have the advantage of the presence of Jupiter and the presence of Uranus in the sign of Aries;


  • for lions it is a great advantage for Uranus to enter the sign of Aries;
  • all the energy accumulated by the natives of Leo, can alternate with the specific elements of the sign of Aries (house of higher education, house of friends, house of money): so those in Leo can start some studies, or can go abroad (to study or to the work);


  • Uranus can come with a promise of money, so this planet can be the solution to get out of the financial crisis;


  • Uranus can bring a radical change in terms of relationship with a business partner: if you do not have money, but you have very good ideas you will be able to open a business with the help of a business partner;
  • From a professional point of view, Uranus’ entry into Aries means a launch in business, on a sentimental level it can mean a rapid change;


  • Uranus may bring him the need to change something, because Mars has been in the career sphere and wreaked havoc in that area;


  • for Sagittarians it is a very good subsidy for Uranus to enter Aries;
  • they can have an unsuspected love, but they can also give birth to a desire for education;


  • for Capricorn it is an unexpected situation. Those who want to take a house, will solve the documents quite quickly;
  • Uranus in ram means for Capricorns: the house, so if they want to buy a house, now they can do it very well;


  • Uranus’ entry into Aries means professional success, some changes in terms of career evolution to another level; (film, photography)


  • fish now have money, they have chances to find contracts abroad, or in the country, but outside the place where they live;
  • some contracts can be concluded, so some problems related to the career will be solved, so also to money;

What zodiac sign is Uranus in your natal chart? Find out how the planet of innovation influences you, depending on the sign where it was at your birth.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion, revolution, change, innovation, but also eccentricity. Thus, the sign in which Uranus is in the natal chart indicates how we oppose the rules, how we produce changes in our lives. Because Uranus crosses a sign in about seven years, the characteristics conferred influence an entire generation.

It is not surprising, for example, that the generation born between 1981 and 1988 is so attracted to the idea of ​​working / emigrating abroad: Uranus is in the astrogram of these people in Sagittarius and invites them to travel. We jump, for example, to the generation with Uranus in the visionary Aquarius (1996-2003), which demands changes regarding collective thinking. This is the generation concerned with issues such as environmental protection, ethical behavior towards animals, etc. Greta Thunberg, the teenager who became a world-renowned environmental activist, has Uranus in Aquarius.

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