Valentines Day Love Horoscope 2021 For Singles

Valentine`s Day 2021 will be unlucky and full of upsets for three signs. Find out what the horoscope predicts and see if you are on the list of zodiac signs that will not be happy on February 14th.

Nightmare day for Pisces

Pisces tend to rush things into a relationship and risk being left alone on Valentine’s Day. They are extremely picky about their partner and have high expectations when it comes to planning this day. They are strong people and show a stone character. They want to dominate all the time and for this reason they will have many conflicts.

The fish are slipping past the workloads today, and colleagues will close their eyes this time. Pisces natives who are alone can meet that special person they have been waiting for for some time.


Sensitive and soulful, Aquarius falls in love fairly quickly, but gets bored just as quickly of the people around them. If at the beginning of the relationship they had butterflies in their stomachs, they turn into more and more frequent quarrels and tensions that are hard to imagine. On Valentine’s Day, Aquarius will want to go out with his partner, but they just want to be lazy and not in the mood. From here to a big scandal is just a step.

Horrible Valentine’s Day for Taurus

Taurus natives are tired of the couple’s reproaches and will have many contradictory discussions in February. Even though they had not been doing well for a long time, they stayed together in the hope that things would work out. At the beginning of the month, just before Valentine’s Day, they will decide to break up for good.


The day starts badly for Leo, with small stings from his life partner, obviously dissatisfied. In the evening, the small stings become deeper and deeper and a scandal can be reached that could end badly, maybe even with a breakup.


The virgin is very unhappy. He has problems at work, but also at home. Your life partner might say green in the face that he has another relationship.


Natives born under the zodiac sign of Libra have a good day. There will be a relaxed, work-like atmosphere at work and her life partner has prepared a sweet surprise for her.

Things are not going well for the Scorpio natives, who manage to trample on everyone. The life partner is sitting on a powder keg that is about to explode.


Sagittarius may spend Valentine’s Day on his own. The life partner will be suspiciously late for a long time, and when he comes he doesn’t feel like talking anymore, and from here to the scandal there is only one step left.

Capricorn will have a hectic day. At work, the bosses take him by surprise because he is late, and at home there is a malfunction that needs to be remedied urgently.

Valentine’s Day for Capricorn

If you are single but you like someone and you would like to start a new relationship, now is the time. On Valentine’s Day, try to show more than usual to give yourself a chance. Beautiful things can happen if you are not too pretentious. Natives who already have someone enjoy stability, fidelity and harmony in married life. For them, the day is more beautiful and less exciting.


Aquarius makes Valentine’s Day a real party, especially after inviting more friends to it. They will sing, dance and make new friends.

On Valentine’s Day, many of the natives of the 12 signs have at least a satisfying day and, for some of them, it is a memorable day, especially beautiful. Communication, tenderness, sex, fun, pampering, all are in the program. Thus, Valentine’s Day is quite promising, both for those who already have a relationship and for those who are alone or at the beginning of one.

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