Zodiac signs that win in love in 2021

As reported by the love horoscope Guru, some of the signs of the zodiac are protected by Venus throughout life and they always win in love, no matter what compromises or small failures they have. Here are the signs favored by Cupid.

The zodiac has some very affectionate, generous and empathetic signs, and they always win in love because they know how to give. It is impossible not to be conquered by the affection of a Cancer or the protective passion of a Taurus.

No matter how many compromises they make, regardless of the failures they have, these signs are favored in love all their lives because they know how to offer without asking too much and especially because they invest patience and attention in their relationships.

Cancer sign, always lucky in love

A Cancer in love does not change his feelings overnight. His love is getting deeper, he knows how to protect his feelings and relationship. In any case, he always wins in love because he loves love.

Taurus sign, very generous

The Taurus native offers everything you would ever want from a lover: passion, love, affection, care, protection. Taurus men in particular are very generous in love and are said to sincerely love only one person. Taurus women are family-friendly, dedicated and very attentive to their partner. Whoever enjoys their love will have it all his life, and they will always win the heart of the other.

Pisces sign, protected by your own love

Pisces natives are so involved, responsible and affectionate in their relationships that the beauty of their feelings is commendable. They will always be favored by love, because they know how to really enjoy it and because they have a very good intuition to find the perfect partner.

Virgo sign, very stable in love

When a Virgin loves, the love in her heart hardly disappears. Virgo natives get involved in body and soul, they do everything for their half and family, and their generosity and dedication help them win the hearts of the best people.

Aquarius always wins in love

Aquarius offers a lot of passion and love with a rare dedication, when they find the right person. And even if, at first, it seems that their relationship stumbles, they know how to offer so much that they conquer the other one for good and always win in love.

What zodiac signs are favored by Valentine’s Day love

The second half of February comes with a lot of holidays that celebrate love, the joy of life and the beginning of spring. Valentine’s Day, followed closely by March 1, is dedicated to love. Here are the signs that are favored by love in the coming days.


Significant changes occur for Aries natives in the month of lovers. Aries is definitely one of the favorite signs of love and many natives will have the opportunity to meet a new life partner. He will be a person who will immediately attract their attention and who will enter their life at a turning point.


Thanks to Venus, Taurus has an excellent period, with many successes in February. Love will also be at the forefront and they will enjoy the special affection of the people who have always been by their side. Alone bulls have the best chance of finding their half in the month of lovers.

Favored zodiac signs of love


Lei natives must travel in February, even if they did not have such plans. The stars advise her to find a reason to leave home for a few days, to choose a new destination and to forget about the daily stress. Only in this way will they be able to relive the passion from the beginning of the relationship and regain their partners.


For these natives, the month of lovers means new partnerships, both in social life and in intimate life. Married or not, Virgo natives will feel the need to ask for more love and look for an adventure that will soften their hearts.


Unlike other times of the year, when Scorpios are dynamic and traveling, in February they will be tempted to stay longer in the warmth of the home. They will taste again the simple joys of conjugal love and will deal with new surprises for the people they love.

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